Pura Stainless Plastic Free Water Bottles are Ideal for the Family

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Staying hydrated is a necessity of life and I try and drink as much water as possible. I carry my trusty water bottle with me wherever I go. And, of course, if you have children and little ones you are probably in the routine of carrying water, juice, etc. for them to enjoy. While this is a good thing, have you ever stopped to think about your water bottles? Did you know that all water bottles are not created equally? You want them to be safe but you also want them to be eco-friendly and cost friendly. Pura Stainless has you covered! Pura Stainless Plastic Free Water Bottles are Ideal for the Family

About Pura Stainless

Pura Stainless proprietary products include the first and only 100% plastic-free bottle on the global market as well as the first modular bottle and collar designed to adapt to, and grow with, the child. Other innovations include the first leak resistant silicone nipple/spout cover, a line of silicone sleeves and a compelling lifestyle approach to brand building.

Why Pura?

When it comes to choosing bottles for your family it can certainly be challenging. You want the safest products but you also want them to be easy to use, environmentally progressive, and of course cost effective. With Pura you can finally have it all!

Safety: Nothing matters more for your little ones and big ones for that matter. As the ONLY 100% plastic-free bottle line and the ONLY bottles to be NonToxic Certified by MADESAFE Pura is the proven safety leader

Value: Their patented lid system allows their bottles and cups to evolve with the changing needs of your family. Re-purposed bottles can be used for years instead of months by simply replacing the silicone top as your child matures.

Simple: Pura Stainless offers traditional and PuraTherma™ insulated bottles in six sizes from 5oz to 28oz and five fully compatible 100% plastic-free silicone lid types. Grab any bottle, any collar, any silicone top, and choose your sleeve color to satisfy your mood or activities.

Green: Why is it that parents are constantly forced to buy new bottles as their children mature? This “built-in” over-consumption is not only expensive but contributes to environmental issues around the world.

Modern: How do their products compare to other bottles? Everything you see from Pura is unique to Pura because they design each and every product to be the best in its category.

Pura Stainless Plastic Free Water Bottles are Ideal for the Family

Take a look at a couple of our favorite
Pura Stainless Water Bottles!

Pura Sport 28oz Bottle with Sleeve

The Pura Sport 28 oz Bottle with Sleeve is a perfect size. It is also the first 100% plastic-free and NonToxic Certified bottle on the market. This 100% medical grade silicone Big Mouth® sport top allows a free flow of liquids while eliminating the dreaded ice shift that often results in a soaked shirt or an embarrassing wet spot in your lap!

The Pura Sport Bottle can be used with any of their silicone lids including nipples, spouts, straws, and flat lids. It also easily converts from a sport bottle to flat cap or juvenile bottle by simply swapping the silicone top!

Pura Sport Bottle features:

  • Crafted from safe, anti-bacterial, #304 food service stainless steel
  • Big Mouth® Sport Top crafted from 100% medical grade silicone
  • BPA/BPS-free and will not leach toxins like plastic sport tops, bottles, or lids
  • Big Mouth® Sport Top is not designed for hot liquids
  • Includes medical grade silicone sleeve with a reinforced carrying finger loop
  • Dishwasher safe and shatterproof
  • Lifetime warranty on stainless components.

Pura Sport Mini 11oz Bottle with Sleeve

If you prefer a smaller size or have elementary age kids, the 11oz PuraSport Jr. bottle is a perfect size. This 100% medical grade silicone Big Mouth® Sport top eliminates distracting drinking or lid removal noises of traditional bottles making them a teacher’s favorite! The PuraSport Jr. bottle is 100% plastic-free, unlike other bottles that use plastic sport tops. With Pura, you can be sure you are getting the safest, BPA/BPS-free and NonToxic Certified bottle on the market.

Pura Sport Mini Bottle features

  • Only 100% plastic-free bottle on the market.
  • Easily converts into an infant bottle, sippy bottle or sport/water bottle by simply swapping the nipple out for another Pura silicone lid.
  • Single wall construction is lightweight, dishwasher safe, and shatter-proof.
  • The bottle and collar is crafted from safe, anti-bacterial, #304 stainless steel and medical grade silicone Pura Silicone Big Mouth® sport top crafted from 100% medical grade silicone.
  • BPA/BPS-free and will not leach toxins like plastic sport tops, bottles, or lids.
  • Internal volume markings make measuring your child’s milk or other beverage a snap. Each ounce is marked and can be seen by glancing inside the bottle.
  • Compatible with wide neck nipples from Pura, ThinkBabyTM, BornFreeTM, and Dr. Brown’sTM and many others.
  • Medical grade silicone bottle sleeve
  • Lifetime warranty on stainless components
  • *Not for use with hot liquids

Visit Pura Stainless to learn more about these amazing water bottles and give your family the gift of safe, healthy hydration with Pura Stainless Plastic Free Water Bottles.

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