Rainy Day Family Fun with New Llama Drama Card Game #MegaChristmas19

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An exciting, family friendly, llama-loaded card game incorporating luck and strategy that you’ll want to play again and again! Simple and easy to play! 

2-4 players, ages 7+. Buy the 2 Pack to play with up to 8 players.

Take turns playing cards according to the Llama Hierarchy. Special Llamas save the day, and if someone can’t play, they end up with a handful of llamas!

Fun and Competitive New Card Game for Families, Friends, and Board Game Nights. Easy to Learn and Fast Play. Best for Kids Ages 7 and Up, Teens, and Adults.

How To Play


Deal each player 3 cards face-down, 3 cards face-up, and 5 cards for their hand. Leave the remaining cards face-down as the Draw Pile. Leave some space on the table for a Play Pile and a Discard Pile.


The first player to get rid of all their cards wins! Other players may continue to play for second place and beyond if they wish.


Choose a player to go first and rotate clockwise. They can play any card to start the Play Pile.

On each turn, you must match or beat the top card of the Play Pile. You may play more than one of the same number or face on your turn. Higher numbered cards beat lower numbered cards. Special Llama cards have their own rules. You can find these rules on the cards themselves or on the Llama Hierarchy instruction card.

If four cards of the same number or face are played in a row (either in one turn or over consecutive turns), the Play Pile is discarded, and the last player plays again. When the Play Pile is empty, a player can play any card to restart the Play Pile.

At the end of a turn, if you have fewer than five cards in your hand, draw cards from the Draw Pile to have five cards in your hand. If on your turn you can’t play a card, pick up the Play Pile (yes, the entire Play Pile) and add it to your hand, ending your turn.


Once the Draw Pile runs out, the objective is to get rid of all of your cards. Once your hand is empty, you must play your face-up cards. If none are playable, choose one, and add it to the Play Pile. This pile will become your brand new hand! Yes, you have a hand again. Aren’t llamas fun?

If you pick up cards, you must finish the cards in your hand before you can play your face-up cards again. Once you play all your face-up cards, you must attempt to play your face-down cards, without looking at them. If the card you flip fails, you must pick up the Play Pile with the failed card, ending your turn. You must once again finish the cards in your hand before you can play your face-down cards again.

The first player to finish all of their cards wins! You can play Llama Drama with 2-4 players, ages 7+.

Buy the 2 Pack to play with up to 8 players.

Excellent present for holidays, birthdays, parties, game nights for your friends or even your pet llama. Available on Amazon. Order today just in time for Christmas.

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  • Absolutely love this card game.The name is cute. Honestly, this looks like just a straight up great game

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