Revolutionary Ways to Use Bacon

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There’s nothing as popular on a plate as bacon.  Most people think of it as comfort food, and nobody can deny the classic and tasty texture it gives nearly any dish it’s on. However, bacon may seem like a simple thing to toss onto any plate: it’s more than that.

These are some revolutionary ways to use bacon and allow it to be the star.

Updating Classics like Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is something we’ve all enjoyed since childhood.  A couple of slices of buttered bread with ooey-gooey cheese sandwiched in the middle is a pleasure few could deny. But, unfortunately, many people stop there!  There’s more you can do with this treat, though!


Fry up some bacon, and then slide it into the sandwich as you build it.  Finally, to push it over the top, fry your sandwich in a tablespoon of bacon fat!  This bacon-infused sandwich is savory and crispy while still letting the fat of the cheese sing, though: you won’t want to settle for the classic sandwich ever again!

Jams and Jellies to Delight

Bacon jam is something that should be a staple in every kitchen!  You can make anything from crispy bacon-glazed chicken to a simple and delightful slice of toast with savory jam with this delicious tool.  If you want to get creative, you can mix some bacon jam with raspberry or other sweet vinaigrette and make an incredible salad dressing you couldn’t find anywhere else.  This is a must-have for anyone who likes to mix it up.

Savory Bacon and Cheese Waffles

Who said waffles have to be sweet? So instead of stopping at the classic fluffy buttermilk waffle recipe, toss in a handful of cheese, some crumbled bacon, and add seasoning like rosemary to boost the flavor a little.  Unlike any that most have tried, this breakfast treat will inspire you to keep creating tasty meals like this every day of your life.

Delicious Bacon on Elotes

Elotes, also known as street corn, is a famous and popular treat in middle and South America.  To make the base of it, cook some bacon, and then grill a whole ear of corn with the yellow flesh directly on the heat until it’s picked up some charred color and has cooked through.  Spread mayo (or sour cream), chili powder, and a crumbly cheese like cotija or feta on top.  Then crumble your bacon and sprinkle it on top as well!  This dish will dazzle anyone and is even better with some fresh lime squeezed on top!

Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Peaches

Bacon and peaches may seem like a strange mix: but don’t let it confuse you!  Wrap bacon around thick-cut slices of peach, and then grill until the bacon is cooked and the peaches have caramelized a little.  Let cool only enough to be edible and enjoy!  The crispy bacon exterior, mixed with the sweet and soft peach inside, is blissfully good and could blow anyone away.  After you’ve tried this once, you’ll want to toss even more peaches on the grill!

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