The Never-Ending Development Of Technology: Where Will It Lead?

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We have been on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years, yet the last century has seen ginormous leaps in technology; if you could go back in time to 1920 and bring back one of those people to 2022, how do you think they would react? We had only just figured out flight a century ago and today, there are military aircraft that can travel at Mach 4 (four times the speed of sound) and while all this development is great, where is it taking humanity?

The Metaverse

This is a digital universe that we all know to some degree and with VR capabilities expanding on an almost daily basis, you can have a virtual identity and live a very different life from the one you normally lead. All you need is a drawer full of sex toys and a hi-speed Internet connection and you can have virtual sex with other humans; there are many benefits to cyber-sex, no unwanted pregnancies or STDs. The online gambling community enjoy stunning graphics and when VR takes off, you will be able to meander through a Monte Carlo casino, nodding to James Bond and the other celebs that hang out virtually in the best places.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a controversial topic right now; some experts predict that AI will be the last invention of mankind, while others accept the need for regulatory measures in this fast-emerging sector. AI already controls urban traffic systems, while product design makes good use of machine learning, turning out efficient designs that are beyond humans. The Internet of Things (IoT) will be AI managed, allowing digital devices to talk to each other and this platform offers 10x speeds of 4G; the IoT is planned to be the foundation of a new digital infrastructure.

21st Century Robots

Aptly named ‘humanoids’ these robots can think independently and they have their own personality; they have prototypes with scary capabilities; doing a backflip is standard and see one of these humanoids running up a flight of stairs defies belief. Elon Musk says 2030 will see the first domestic humanoids flooding the market; your servant will keep the house in order and will even get to know you (probably better than you do). This will be a game changer and we predict the day when a human marries their humanoid companion, for better or worse. Of course, prices will be high in the first few years, but will drop to a level where a family could afford one unit and the machine’s abilities will continue to develop.

If you were a Millennium baby, you should be really excited with the way the world is changing, those who are older might struggle with emerging tech, but we’ll all get there in the end. Life has never been this safe and comfortable and we hope things continue to be good.

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