Top 5 Countries to Treat Neurological Disorders

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Neurological pathologies are among primary health reasons that affect patients’ life quality, are causes of people’s disability, and even death. Just imagine, about 1 billion people are diagnosed with neurological disorders across the world. Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, brain tumors, Alzheimer’s disease, movement disorders of different genesis are the most common disorders.

Often, it becomes a real problem to find an experienced neurologist (a doctor who specializes in neurological examination and treatment of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems) and a neurology hospital equipped properly for accurate diagnosis, therapy, and surgery.

In this article, you will find out why patients head abroad, where to go, and how to choose the best neurology medical centers.

Advantages of neurology treatment abroad

Patients and their relatives are looking for the treatment abroad for the following reasons:

  • An accurate neurological examination. Efficient neurological treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis. Often, neurology hospitals in developing countries do not have proper appliances to develop a diagnosis. So, patients receive treatment, often unsuccessful.
  • New treatment approach. Patients with Parkinson’s disease can significantly improve their life quality and reduce tremors by having DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) procedure. For patients with epilepsy, robotic neurorehabilitation is processed, the complex surgeries are successfully applied. To remove brain tumors, specialists use neuronavigation to avoid tissue damage, some operations are performed on the open brain while a patient stays conscious. It almost excludes risks to affect vital brain areas.
  • Lower prices. The price issue often is a crucial criterion for a lot of patients. For instance, the cost of DBS in India is from $21,000, in Turkey $24,000, in Spain $82,000.
  • Fast treatment arrangement. Sometimes, it is impossible to schedule the complex surgery in the patient’s place of residence immediately. In this case, a medical trip abroad can solve this issue, and a person gets medical help at any convenient time.

Where to treat neurological disorders

For a lot of people, it is still a question where to get a qualified treatment. Below you find the best places for neurological treatment.


Turkish neurology centers offer the best price-quality ratio for treatment. The local doctors use diagnostic devices that accurately distinguish all features of neurological disorders. During surgeries, specialists are assisted with neuronavigation that almost makes it impossible to damage healthy tissues. The prices are affordable — 2-4 times lower than in Europe or the USA. Pick a Turkish neurological center that is accredited by JCI and those that update medical equipment regularly.


Spanish neurologists are among the top ones in the world. For instance, Dr. Antoni Russi is the best epileptologist in Europe. Spanish doctors remove brain tumors on the open skull while a patient is awake. Also, there is a leading pediatric hospital called Sant Joan de Deu. At this center, doctors treat patients with even severest neurological disorders. Spain is among top choices for treatment, however, the prices here are quite high.


German hospitals also offer highly-qualified assistance in treating patients with stroke, Parkinson’s diseases, genetic neurological disorders. Here, only the newest equipment is used. The price policy remains at a high level, so it is not the best option for patients with a limited budget.


One of the best Thai hospitals for international patients is Bumrungrad, listed among the top 10 technologically advanced medical centers in the world. The standards of treatment here meet the strictest medical standards. The prices are at a medium level.


Indian clinics offer one of the lowest prices in the world. The level of treatment remains at a good level. Choose private facilities with JCI accreditation.

How to arrange your medical trip fast and safely?

The best way to arrange medical travel fast and without unforeseen problems is to do it with a medical tourism agency’s assistance. For instance, Bookimed, an international medical tourism platform, helps patients to pick the most appropriate country, hospital, and doctor to treat a neurological disorder. Bookimed has already served over 500,000 patients and knows all features regarding treatment in any country or a hospital. So, with Bookimed you can find the best option and start effective treatments as fast as possible.


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