Top 9 Foods to Eat for Good Mental Health

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Eating superfoods is one of the best ways to promote good mental health. Superfoods have been shown to improve memory and brain function, lower stress levels, fight depression, reduce inflammation, and boost mood. So if you want relief from anxiety or depression while also improving your overall health, try incorporating some of these foods into your diet.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of polyunsaturated fat that the body needs but cannot produce on its own. They can be found in plant and animal sources, and they’re beneficial to mental health because they help promote better moods and lower rates of depression. Omega-3s are also good for your heart, skin, joints, and hair. They can be found in wild salmon, grass-fed beef and lamb, and walnuts or pecans.


Antioxidants are found in many fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. They can help fight depression and anxiety, reduce the damaging effects of stress on the body, and even slow down the process of aging. Antioxidants work by protecting your body from free radicals that can cause cell damage — a key contributor to health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or cancer.

Eating berries, leafy greens, and tomatoes will help you get more antioxidants in your diet. As a bonus, these can also help heal the body of some of the effects of alcohol abuse and addiction. So whether you’re looking for aftercare in California, Maine, or Texas, find a program that also incorporates healthy eating. This will help you not only during the detox process, but long after that as well.


Probiotics are good bacteria that help keep your digestive system healthy. They may also have a positive effect on mental health, according to some studies. Gut bacteria can influence how well the brain works, and probiotics are known to improve gut health in ways that affect mood and behavior. Taking a daily probiotic supplement can help improve your mood, calm down anxiety and reduce stress. Probiotics also increase serotonin levels in the body which promotes relaxation, lower cortisol levels and reduce inflammation throughout your body. You can find probiotics naturally in yogurt and kefir.

Leafy greens

Kale, spinach, lettuce and arugula are great sources of vitamins A and C. The former two also contain high amounts of fiber. These greens are also excellent sources of antioxidants. Swiss chard is a rich source of iron as well as calcium and magnesium. Spinach contains more potassium than bananas or avocados. All these nutrients work together to improve brain health and mental health.

Lean Proteins

You’ve probably heard the old saying that “you are what you eat,” but did you know that food can actually have a direct effect on your mood? Lean proteins, such as fish and poultry, have been shown to help reduce symptoms of depression and improve the overall quality of life when eaten regularly. You can also focus on grass-fed meats because they often contain less fat than their traditional counterparts.

Whole Grains and Fiber-Rich Foods

Whole grains are good for you because they’re rich in nutrients, fiber and other important vitamins that help keep your body strong. Whole grains help you feel full for longer, which helps keep hunger at bay. They also make it easier for the body to process sugar and control blood sugar levels, which can improve your mental health.


Beans are a healthy, filling food that can help you feel full and satisfied after eating. They’re loaded with fiber, which can help lower cholesterol and keep your digestive system in good shape. Beans are also rich in protein and contain B6 which is great for improving mental health.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are another good source of healthy fats, which are essential for the brain, heart and weight loss. In fact, nuts have been shown to improve vision in some people, reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration, and slow bone loss associated with osteoporosis. By improving overall health and nourishing the brain, these foods help to reduce symptoms of mental health disease.

Healthy Oils Like Olive Oil and Coconut Oil

One of the most common causes of mental health issues is a lack of healthy fats in your diet and too many highly processed seed oils. Switching from corn and canola oil to these healthy fats can improve your mood, reduce stress and anxiety, improve cognitive performance and even help you lose weight.

Healthy oils are an important part of a healthy diet because they provide the body with essential fatty acids that are necessary for growth, development and overall health. They also have anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent disease.

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