Underwater Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss

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Most of the time when we think about underwater activities, it’s always diving and snorkeling that comes to mind. Although both activities seem exciting, not all people are inclined to these sorts of activities. So what happens to the rest who happen to have an interest in the underwater world but just don’t feel like diving or snorkeling? Well, did you know that aside from these two, there is a whole lot of underwater experience you can try? Think about it: three-quarters of the earth is made of water. Just imagine what lies beneath that vast ocean.

Not so long ago, only divers could see what beauty lies down there. Today, you don’t have to be a qualified diver to experience the wonders of the underworld. There are underwater destinations, state-of-the-art diving technology, and commercial submarines which offers a glimpse of the marine life in the most unique and unforgettable experiences for tourists.

Here are some of the most famous destinations you may want to consider on your underwater journey.

  1. Dive with sharks in South Africa.

If you are an adrenaline junkie who would like to go on a dive with some white sharks, then you should head out to Gansbaai, a place in the Southern Cape, ideal for swimming with the sharks. Not freely of course, as there is an aluminum cage separating you from them. There are plenty of diving companies there who provide this diving experience, but be smart in choosing your diving partner. Go with the ones who allot a part of their profit into shark conservation — that way, you can enjoy the sharks and contribute towards their welfare.

  1. Tie the knot under the sea in Thailand. 

Thinking about getting married soon? Take into consideration the underwater wedding Thais go for in the Andaman Sea in Thailand. Every single step of the ceremony is done underwater with the colorful sea creatures dancing around as you tearfully utter the words “I do” and releasing a million baby shrimps along with a giant clam into the reef seeking for Buddhist merit.

  1. Sleep with a school of fish in Fiji. 

Think about lying down and looking up at the stars. Now replace the stars with a school of fish swimming around you. That is what you are in for when you head over at the Fiji islands. This is a proven hit with underwater explorers who are after having a relaxing experience with the sea creatures without the strain of swimming or diving.

  1. Enjoy cocktails in a submarine in Israel. 

You would probably agree that a cold beer by the ocean brings good vibes. Now, imagine how relaxing a cocktail in a submarine would be. This unique destination has all the makings of an unforgettable bucket list experience. And don’t fret, you will not be submerged into the deepest part of the ocean as the submarine is still attached to dry land.

  1. Head over the underwater museum in Mexico. 

More often than not, when one too many tourists visit a scuba diving or snorkeling destination, the coral reefs get worn out over time. What makes this spot different from the rest is that this museum puts together various sculptures of people living on the island and placed them together 28 feet underwater for divers and snorkelers alike to enjoy.

  1. Discover the mysteries of a shipwreck in Australia. 

Shipwreck exploration is a fascinating adventure. The SS Yongala shipwreck in Australia gives you the chills and has just the right amount of mystery for an exciting exploration. There’s also the Titanic but that costs way more than the SS Yongala shipwreck in Australia!

  1. Discover underwater formations in Japan. 

While strange land formations are common, there are also mysterious underwater formations that can be seen off the island of Yonaguni in Japan. Pyramid ruins including walls, pillars, and walls can be found in this underwater destination. Until today nobody knows where this came from and that is what makes the destination even more interesting for tourists.

There are hundreds and hundreds of underwater destinations around the world that you can visit and explore. Just make sure you know what you want to do and see before taking that trip. This way, you can prepare well and get to the destination that fits your under-the-sea travel goals.

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