What You Need To Snack On For Your Movie Night

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Inviting your friends over for a movie night makes watching a new flick even more exciting because every reaction will be magnified — you will all laugh, scream, gasp, cry or yell at the screen together at the same time. Since a movie night is such a shared experience, you will want to set out the right kinds of snacks to make sure that no one feels left out or hungry.A movie night is nothing without a bounty of salty and sweet snacks to munch on while the opening credits roll. Popcorn is the classic treat that is flat-out expected at every type of screening, which is why you should make lots for your event. Don’t make the mistake of using bags of microwavable or pre-popped popcorn — look up some gourmet stovetop popcorn recipes with delicious flavor combinations instead. Here are some tasty flavors that will be much more memorable than melted butter:

  • Chili and lime
  • Garlic and herb
  • Parmesan and rosemary
  • Olive oil and sea salt
  • Maple and bacon bits

When you prepare a bevy of salty and savory bowls of stovetop popcorn, you need to have snacking options that are on the sweeter side. If you want to serve something that you wouldn’t normally find at a movie theater’s concession stand, try My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream —this frozen dessert is a perfect ball of premium ice cream wrapped in a soft layer of rice dough called mochi. These servings of ice cream confection are great for a movie night because you don’t need to use any dishes and you can eat them with your hands. Get a few boxes of different flavors so that every single one of your guests will be happy and so that you can mix-and-match tastes:

  • Vanilla bean
  • Mint chocolate chip
  • Sweet mango
  • Ripe strawberry
  • Cookies and cream
  • Green tea
  • Double chocolate
  • Salted caramel

When it comes to drinks that you can serve at your movie night, you should think about what kind of audience you are hosting. If your event is more about hanging out with friends than paying attention to what’s on the screen, then make cocktails for your movie night—you can base your drinks on what kind of flick you are watching, like martinis for detective mysteries. If you really want to catch every single moment on screen, serve up nostalgic glasses or bottles full of soda. You can find old-fashioned root beers and colas at the store, or you can make your own soda at home in fun and unexpected flavors like strawberry or cantaloupe. For a really fun twist on a float, you can add a ball of vanilla or strawberry mochi ice cream into your glass of fizzing soda.

If you follow these simple tips, you can have delectable snacks and drinks that beat any option that you will find behind a theater’s concession stand.You will appreciate every single bite and sip of these tantalizing treats, when you’re not too busy laughing at punchlines, gasping at cliffhangers or crying at happy endings.

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  • I have never seen nor heard of that ice cream before. I love popcorn, there are tons of things you can put on it. I love this one cheddar cheese stuff that comes in a shaker.

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