Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Nespresso® Coffee Capsules

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Most people cannot kickstart the day without the caffeine rush provided by a delicious cup of coffee in the morning. Any coffee lover would vouch that preparing a mean cup of coffee is no accident! Right from the origins of the coffee beans; each step is a delicate and uncompromisingly consistent step for that authentic and out-of-world brew in your cup!

While nothing can match the taste and flavour of a brewed cup of coffee from scratch; your daily lifestyle and morning rush can make it an unfeasible option. The best way to get as close to perfection is by using Nespresso® coffee capsules with your coffee machine. Combining speed and convenience; it gives you the best uncompromising taste and flavour.

Crafted from the original and patented coffee pod system, Nespresso® capsules are the best available in the market. However, all its capsules are not created equal. We share a brief guide to it so that you can choose your divine pleasure effortlessly. Stay hooked!

  • Espresso Capsules

It is your ultimate choice to satisfy your craving for a traditional superb-quality coffee. These are smoothly blended ‘short coffees’ that would surprise you with their intensity and strength of flavours. You have seven choices in this bracket with varying intensity to suit any taste bud and leave you feeling invigorated.

  • Intenso Capsules

Most of its varieties were part of the Espresso bounty previously but have later segmented into a separate category. Even though they are typically blended like the espresso but they have more intense and fuller flavours. Its strong flavors make terrific lattes and cappuccinos.

  • Pure Origine Capsules

These capsules are essentially like espresso but with a difference. Its coffee powder is not blended but comes from a single place of origin. With a unique flavour and taste; its flavor is specific to its origin place. You have choices of three unique flavors in this bracket.

  • Lungo Capsules

While all the previous constituted of ‘short’ coffee; these pods are your traditional ‘long’ coffee. They are also popularly called as ‘tall’ coffee. They use double the amount of water required for an espresso and hence, let you enjoy a big cup of coffee. It brings out the complex flavours along with subtle tastes. Despite it, you do not find any compromise in the intensity of the coffee strain. It is heaven for all those who love their coffee pretty strong!

  • Decaffeinato Capsules

These are unique specialist coffee capsules offered by Nespresso®. The intrinsic compound of caffeine is extracted away from the coffee used in these pods. It is ideal for all those who are allergic to caffeine. It is also excellent for all those Roasty lovers who need to control their caffeine intake without foregoing their cup of coffee. They are available in three variations. The taste and flavour of each pod are certain to blow away your mind. It also hails its origin from a single collection.

  • Variation Capsules

These are a special variation of the Livanto (Espresso) Capsule and have been lately added as a separate variety. A bounty of extra flavour is added to the coffee capsules to provide that extra kick and zing of contrasting flavours. Coffee addicts find it flavours unique and easy to get addicted to.

Wrapping up

Few brands can match the flavour and unique character that is added to each cup of your coffee as done by Nespresso®. The brand started with 16 capsules but offers about 24 variations of capsules today. Preparing authentic coffee is a breeze with them. You can easily check the intensity of each variety on a scale of 0-12 with 0 being the lowest and 12 being the highest intensity. No matter which style of coffee you choose; you will find a perfect Nespresso® coffee pod for it!


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