6 Life Hacks to Living with Cats

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For many, cats make a great pet. They’re more independent than dogs, smaller, and less high-maintenance than pups or other furry critters. With lots of feisty personality, cats make great companions for an active family or singles looking for that extra bit of love in their lives. However, even the easiest to manage cat will come with some struggles, such as hairballs and fur everywhere. If your cat is a loved part of the family, but you need some tips and tricks on how to better manage life with your pet, I’ve provided some useful ways you can solve some of the common problems cat owners run into, along with some fun ideas!

  1.       Make use of any old boxes that are cat-sized. Cats seem to enjoy laying directly on your workspace – whether that be a keyboard or a desk or a sewing project. Instead of pushing them aside, avoid the problem entirely by saving your old boxes and placing beside the places you frequent. Cats love boxes, it’s a proven fact, and they’ll enjoy still being near you. Bonus: Line it with felt or leftover fabric for extra comfort and warmth!
  2.       Use a plastic tapered bottle topper, like from a squeezable ketchup bottle, on the end of your vacuum. As many cat owners know, trying to suck up loose kitty litter bits and tufts of fur from crevices, corners, and small spaces can be a pain – especially if that includes between the letters on your keyboard. By fitting the end of your vacuum with a smaller nozzle, you won’t have to struggle to get those spots.
  3.       Feed eager kitties on a plate in a single layer. If they eat too fast, which many do when allowed to free feed from bowls, spread out a portion of chow on a plate so they are forced to go slower. Eating too fast is the leading cause for puking in cats, especially if they are already prone to hairballs.
  4.       Disguise the litter box by getting a fancy kitty litter box. Using high-quality boxes for your cats will help reduce odor, mask its appearance in your home, and can even be a fun way to spice up decorating. Finding the perfect spot for your litter box is important, just as is finding the best box for your cat and your home.
  5.       Use dryer sheets for removing cat hair from your clothes. While lint rollers make for an easy way to remove the fluff, if you don’t have one handy, grabbing a dryer sheet and rubbing your shirt and pants down will get the desired effect. If that is also unavailable, take a couple pieces of long tape and press them on the worst areas for a quick fix.
  6.       Wear a rubber glove to clean cat hair from upholstery. Another cat hair issue is finding it on the furniture, which can’t be resolved with some tape unfortunately. Brushing a rubber glove over the upholstery will catch the hair and remove it easily, just make sure it ends up in the trash and now smeared back in.
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