9 Ways to Make a Small Space Appear Bigger

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Almost every home has a small room that can appear too cramped or impractical. Many homeowners often scratch their heads about how to make a room look much larger than it is. That’s why we are providing nine effective ways to make a small room appear bigger. 

  1. A Stylish Rug

A rug can highlight the floor length, which can make a room seemingly longer than the reality. For example, a rug with vertical stripes can elongate a room, making it appear more spacious and functional. Don’t be afraid to play with patterns to find the best design for a small room’s needs. Browse area rugs online today to find a style to complement your taste and room size.

  1. Use Light Colors

Dark colors might be a little cozy, but they also absorb natural light, making a small room seem even smaller. Instead, adorn your walls and flooring with light colors that reflect light and make a small room feel airy and open.

  1. Avoid Pushing Furniture Against a Wall

Pushing furniture against a wall will make a room feel cramped. We recommend moving any furniture away from a wall by a few inches, which will make a small space feel roomy and functional. You might be surprised by how much it can transform the look of a box room.

  1. Choose Statement Furniture

Many homeowners are often tempted to add multiple small furnishings into a space, believing it will make a room appear larger, when, in fact, it won’t. In fact, one large couch can often offer the illusion of a bigger space, especially when combined with a beautiful rug and natural lighting.

  1. Banish Curtains

Curtains are a staple item in any home style, apart from in a small room. Remove any curtains to give a small space more depth. If privacy is a concern, we suggest opting for complementary blinds or roman curtains to avoid clutter.

  1. Add Artwork

Incorporate one large work of art that will make a room appear much bigger than the reality. Don’t clutter up the little space you have with a gallery wall, and opt for one bold piece that will bring a room to life.

  1. Reflect Light with Mirrors

Place a striking mirror directly across from a room’s window to reflect light across a small space. Alternatively, you can also place a mirror behind an end table or chest to create an illusion that there is more space behind the furniture.

  1. A Monochromatic Color Scheme

Use different shades of the same color in your wallpaper, furniture and rugs to not only offer a beautiful style, but to ensure a space appears more open. You can also follow the same rule with your pillows, throws and cushions.

  1. Bigger Decorative Accessories

Don’t crowd a room with small decorative accessories. It is sometimes a better style decision to incorporate fewer decorative accents that are bigger, such as an eye-catching large vase or lampshade.

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