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Let’s be honest, getting sick is never fun for anyone in your family. Fall and winter colds are especially harsh for us,as the weather seems to exacerbate the symptoms and who wants to be sick for the holidays anyway.

Whether it is me, or one of the kids, when we feel sick, no one wants to brave the colder air and make an arduous trip to a cramped, packed doctor’s office along with everyone else who feels as miserable as you do.

When my daughter gets sick, not only does that stop her in her tracks from work, but also missing classes at school. No matter who is getting sick, I am thankful that technology allows me to access  an online service like Amwell. With the touch of my phone, I can speak with a professional and even get prescribed medication, if needed.

About 10 days ago, I was getting the sudden symptoms of a cold. First the ear aches came, then the dry throat and before I knew it, my nose was running like a sieve. Working in insurance claims, I cannot take the time to miss work, especially when so many people are patiently waiting for me to adjust their claims, let alone, get my co-workers sick.

Amwell to the rescue! I was able to hop on a quick chat with a doctor and have a prescription for an antibiotic sent to my local pharmacy. I picked up my prescription and didn’t miss a beat with my busy week at work and home.

More About Amwell

Amwell is here as a 24/7 resource for you and your family. When you need urgent care, you need it immediately and what better way to access it then from your own home? For this campaign, we would like to focus on the ease and convenience of using Amwell through examples of when you’ve used it, or situations of when you wish you had known about it. 

Amwell is perfect for general medical conditions that you would normally see your family doctor for. Have a question to ask a doctor? Amwell gives you the ability to ask questions on typical issues like:

  • Fever
  • Cold & flu
  • Allergies
  • Sinus infections
  • Stomach bugs
  • Travel
  • Pediatrics
  • Rashes
  • UTI

Using Amwell is easy to use. Grab the app, download, sign in, choose the type of visit you are looking for and select a provider.  Depending upon the issue at hand, the doctor can diagnose, suggest follow up, and prescribe, when needed.
Amwell takes your privacy very seriously. Your visit with the doctor is secure and HIPAA compliant.  Amwell is accepted by many major insurers, with more added frequently.  You can also provide your health insurance information for a lower cost visit.

Amwell has helped my family on many occasions and can is ready to help you in your time of need. With Amwell, we will be able to enjoy this holiday season with family and friends and not be curbed due to a common cold or flu.

Remember, Doctors on Amwell are board certified, with an average of 15 years or more in practice. They are available 24/7, with no appointment needed. Convenient, easy to use and allows you to manage your busy life without having to make an office visit for certain health issues.

Right now, you can get your first visit for just 50% off an urgent care visit normally priced at $69.00! Simply click here to start using Amwell online and enter code Amwell50.

Be sure to follow Amwell for all of the latest information. Remember, you can use your code “Amwell50” and save on your own first visit.
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150 thoughts on “Amwell: Easy Way to Visit a Doctor Without Leaving Home #getwellwithamwell

  • This is wonderfully convenient!

  • Big proponent of this. Will help a lot of people without transportation, and who are scared to go to the doctor.

  • Remote Dr visits is becoming big. I seen my Insureance Company will cover them in 2020

  • This is more convenient than having to go to the doctor, especially with a sick child.

  • Great if you have children or elderly parents.

  • Nice and convenient for a sick child. Information much quicker than sitting in a waiting room.

  • This sounds perfect I don’t like going to the doctor unless I am in serious pain

  • Useful, convenient, and a Doctor’s helper. Not much more you can ask for but to have a doctor live in your home with you! Your own personal physician

  • Technology these days blows my mind. This is a clever idea and very unique.

  • easy to use

  • This is so convenient. Much nicer than waiting to see a doctor.

  • Worth a try especially with such a discount.

  • This is very nice it makes it so easier to get health care

  • It sounds great. Children seem to get sick at inconvenient times. This would save the expense of going to the emergency room.

  • This sounds like a nice service for those who are sick with a cold or the flu. I just hope they usually prescribe generics or cheap alternatives. I always have to figure out the cheapest places to get certain scripts. The last antibiotic I was prescribed was not free at Publix and not one that I was familiar with. It was going to cost $74 for 5 day supply so I didn’t pick it up.

  • This is something I would use just about anytime I needed to see a doctor.

  • My own doctor’s office has something similar. I can contact them through MyChart on the web and describe my symptoms. You can only do this for certain things, of course. I used it once when I had a UTI. Doctor wrote me a script and I picked it up at the pharmacy. No fuss, no muss. The cost is not covered by insurance but it was on $35.00 so It was worth it to me.

  • I love how much easier this is. Better than going and sitting in a waiting room!

  • It sounds ok if it’s a cold or something minor that you have experienced in the past and know what medications you need prescribed. I still would go to my doctor for peace of mind.

  • Love the easiness of this! Perfect for busy people.

  • Would be great for those who find it difficult to leave home!

  • I love the idea of not having to book ahead and take off work fr minor ailments and.

  • Thanks for sharing this with us and the coupon code.

  • Commenting

  • Wow technology has really come such a long way. This is fantastic!

  • This is such a great new service. This makes getting health care very convenient.

  • Seeing the doctor in person is the best but that is my opinion.

  • My son is sick and did this yesterday. So fast and so easy. Thank you for sharing this. God Bless

  • Thanks for the review and the coupon code off the first visit.

  • I would prefer to see the doctor in person.

  • I like that you can see a doctor from your home. Thanks for sharing.

  • This sounds like a great idea with the questions and answers right at your fingertips.

  • Sounds easy to go about doing it .

  • Wonderful service and very convenient.

  • What an awesome way to see the doctor and not leave home.

  • I think it’s great that you can see a doctor without leaving your home, especially when you’re too sick to get out of bed .

    • I need to see my doctor in person. Having studied biochemistry and virology in university, working with a neurosurgeon, I know the importance of face-to-face meetings with your professional individuals

  • My insurance is now covering this type of service! Great article!

  • Super convenient. Especially for those who find it difficult to leave the house.

  • That would be nice to not have to leave your house for this.

  • I love that you can see the doctor while talking to them and they can see what you look like and get an idea of what is going on. Thank you so much for sharing this great idea

  • This sounds like a great alternative to get medical attention. I wouldn’t have to bundle up my granddaughter in this cold weather to drive all the way to my doctor for things like a stomach bug, or a cold, etc.

  • We have alot of the flu going around now and this would be great to see the doctor without spreading it.

  • This is a great service, especially when you are sick and cant miss work to go to a doctor’s office.

  • This would be so convenient when you don’t fill like getting dressed to go out to the Dr.

  • This is a great concept which I would consider using.

  • This is a great way to see the doctor and not have to leave home,

  • This is definitely a unique service that I would try out for myself or my daughter or hubby. Sounds like it is easy to use and since I hate waiting in Dr. offices (more germs!) this might be the way to go during Flu season.

  • This is a clever idea. Especially if you have small kids at home.

  • This is super! Just the benefit of not having to sit in a doctor’s office for an hour is wonderful. A terrific service.

  • I got notice my Health Insurance company now covers this.. Isnt it amazing.. See a Dr without leaving the house 🙂

  • I like that it’s convenient! I will definitely let my family and friends know about this! Thank you for sharing!

  • I look forward to doing this!

  • This is great to not have to leave the house when you are not feeling well.

  • This is a great service. However, I believe, that there are still times where it is imperative that you see the doctor in person to get an accurate diagnosis.

  • I love that this is available now.

  • This is a great way to see the doctor without having to leave home, Thanks for the share.

  • Terrific and such a convenient and easy service to use!

  • This is so convenient. No going out getting others sick nor picking up bugs from others. I will be using this. Thank you so much for sharing

  • In this age of advanced technology, there should be a way of talking to our doctors and more! That’s what it’s all about convenience. Thank you Amwell

  • I am looking into this.

  • Thank you for sharing this

  • I will never be sitting in the doctors office again when I am sick with the flu, etc. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

  • I love this idea of not sitting in a doctors office. This is awesome. I really appreciate you sharing this. God Bless

  • This is such a convenient way to get a diagnosis.I will be checking them out!

  • This is a great option for those who live outside of suburban areas or for those less mobile. Sometimes technology is truly a good thing.

  • I have not used amwell yet, but have used DR on demand and the idea of tele-health is wonderful. Plus the benefit of 24 hour care is wonderful!

  • I like the idea of not having to go out when you are sick, especially in bad weather.

  • Great to have more than one option, especially when it comes down to our health care needs…

  • This is great for a really sick child or adult, thanks for sharing,

  • This is a wonderful way to not have to leave the house and e seen by a doctor.

  • This makes seeing the doctor not as bad,

  • If I only had a cold or flu I would consider this.

  • I think this service is great for minor problems but that’s all.

  • I like this.
    If you are not feeling well the last thing you want to do is have to go out.

  • A visit to my doctor often takes over three hours because of the wait. This app is so convenient and time saving.

  • What an amazing service! This is such a good idea– thank you for sharing!

  • Love that you can get the care your family needs without leaving the house!

  • This is so much better than sitting in a Dr.’s office full of germs.

  • A good method especially for children.

  • Great that this service is available.

  • Visiting a doctor cannot be any easier than this. I love this idea. Thank you so much for sharing

  • I think Amwell is a great idea. No need to leave the house when feeling sick or to expose yourself to others.

  • At work, we don’t have an online service yet but do have an 800 number to dial a doctor. It’s really great and free to us as employees.

  • This is convenient and thanks for sharing.

  • I think an online service like Amwell is so modern and terrific. I wish this were around when my kids were young.

  • This looks super easy and so convenient to use.

  • One of the best parts about something like this is not waiting in a waiting room when you feel horrible.

  • I personally don’t want to put any of my personal information in any online app or record online. There is so much hacking of online information lately, I don’t trust any personal information being shared online these days. Encryption security isn’t that great any longer, and I just read where VISA was even hacked over the last couple of months at gas pumps. I don’t have enough money to pay for a lawyer to sue a hacker. I don’t trust online apps too well.

  • I am glad that this is available, Thanks for this post.

  • This app is a win win step in the direction of staying healthy!

  • My insurance doesn’t pay for this so wouldn’t work for me. Having a child with Cancer and the other with a heart transplant I’m the last person to talk about if this works well or not .

  • I’ve never tried this method of seeing a doctor, but I’d try it. My only question would be about my insurance covering it.

  • That sounds like it would be very convenient for most people.

  • I love the future! I hope the future holds no need for any ailments!

  • I don’t know how to thank you enough for sharing this,you are an angel

  • This is so neat!! I hate going to the doctor’s office during flu season because I definitely don’t want to pick that up. I’m chronically ill with Arnold-Chiari and so this is something that would be really beneficial to me.

  • Nice to see the old ways coming back especially for some that getting to the dr is too hard for.

  • Great blog! Thank you for sharing!

  • Thanks for the great info. It sounds like a great alternative to have!

  • Next time one of us is sick I am going to give this a try!

  • Technology continues to astound me.

  • This is an awesome way to get health care. Nothing like doing it from home. Thank you so much for sharing

  • What a great way to get treated by a doctor. No going out and sitting in that office for who knows how long. I love doing this in the comfort of my own home. Thank you so much for sharing

  • What a great way to get a quick diagnosis or reasurrance that you can take something . Doctors offices are very germ filled and long wait times make you not want to go unless you have to

  • Who would have thought that in the 21st century we’d go back to having doctors come to our houses again? I’m so glad, because when I’m sick, I don’t want to go anywhere…

  • Going into the doctors office places you around people that may give you a cold on top of what is wrong with you. This is so cool.

  • I downloaded this app a year ago & have used it. Pretty simple and quick results! No ER waiting, exposing the child to more sick people and not going out in the cold or heat!

  • This is a good idea for everyone. If those with common illnesses, easily treated, are seen like this, then doctors’ waiting rooms are not so packed for those with more serious issues.

  • I used to have insurance with a nurse on call 24/7…it was a wonderful service and I miss it. It was a great way to know if I could stay home and treat myself or if I really needed to see a doctor. It was a comfort just knowing it was there. It would be nice to have something like that again.

  • Sometimes it can take days to even get in to the doctor for an appointment so this is a wonderful convenience.

  • This is so convenient, thanks for sharing this with us.

  • This is a great tool. This would be a lot easier for most people!

  • Very convenient. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is certainly a better way to visit the doctor. This would save money since I wouldn’t have to miss as much time off work.

  • This is wonderful, as a busy mom of 2 little girls. I really like that I can even get prescribed medication through this. I will certainly try it out if we get sick.

  • So convenient. I love how you don’t have to go and sit for hours in urgent care and can stay at home.

  • Amwell this online service sound fantastic and so convenient. I would love to try this when necessary.

  • I like being home in my bed when I am sick. I don’t like sitting at the doctors office for an hour with other people. I think this is an awesome idea. Thank you so much for sharing this

  • I hate going to the doctor when I am sick. I would rather be home snuggled in my bed. It is also not good to be around a lot of other people at this time. This is a great idea. Thank you so much for sharing

  • I love this! I could have access to telehealth, but would need a smartphone, and don’t have one. It would be good for people like me, who dread going to a doctor, but wouldn’t be as spooked to use a service like this.

  • Sounds like a wonderful

  • This is such an convenient and helpful online service, I can see how this could help so many people! Sometimes it is best to be able to stay at home and rest rather than have to go out to a doctor and spend time in the waiting room among others. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • That would be very useful. My doctor does video calls.

  • Seems like it would make life a bit easier, to have this kind of access to a doctor.

  • these might be nice. need to check it out

  • With how crazy busy everyone is now, having doctors available 24 hours is a great option.

  • This sounds like such a helpful service! I can think of so many times that I was feeling bad, but couldn’t fit a doctor’s visit into my schedule. I’ll have to tell my family about Amwell too!

  • This is an awesome idea!

  • It looks like a good option to have.

  • This sounds very convenient.

  • I love that you can find out whats going on with you or your child with a touch of a button using your phone. such an awesome idea.

  • I like the thought of having information at my fingertips that may help in aid to not having to go to a doctor. I really don’t like going to the doctor, but as common sense dictates, if it is an urgency, you need to go see a doctor, or, or an emergency, you need to call 911.

  • What a great idea!

  • This is really neat, I know that my family would like being able to use this for finding just the right doctor-

  • I think this is great! I love you don’t have to get out with a sick child (person) and go in.

  • What a great idea! Thanks for sharing :]

  • Good to know about it.

  • This is wonderful! Very convenient too.

  • Wow , What a great idea ! Kudos !!!

  • This sounds wonderful, I love the idea because its easy , at hand, and you can use it anytime, not just 9 to 5:00

  • What a wonderful program, and so accessible. This will help a lot of people.

  • This is really a great service! Thanks for sharing the article!

  • This is a great service!!! Especially for those with children..

  • This is a wonderful program. I would love this service. It would take the worry out of whether to see a doctor or not.

  • Amwell i such a great idea! There have been times where I could have certainly used this service,but instead I had to roust my sick child out of bed and take them to the doctor,sitting in the waiting room and possibly making others sick too just sitting there.

  • This Amwell is such a great idea! There are so many times when we have something minor wrong with us and going to the doctor’s office is so inconvenient. This would also eliminate crowded doctor’s offices and long waits.

  • This is wonderful! Very convenient to not have to take your sick child out of the house!

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