Why You Should Always Have CBD Oil on Hand

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It seems as though America has gone CBD crazy, but not without good reason! There are so many healthful benefits that it would be quite difficult to list them short of a semester long course at your local university. However, if you have yet to experience the power packed into these completely natural substances, then it’s time you learned what they are all about and why you should always have CBD oil on hand.

A Quick Primer on Cannabidiol
A huge number of people are literally afraid to try CBD oil because they have it confused with marijuana. Although both hemp and marijuana are part of the same species of plant, the cannabis species, they are as different as night and day. Marijuana contains psychoactive components, THC, and some strains have relatively high concentrations of cannabidiol, CBD. Hemp from which CBD oil is extracted, on the other hand, has less than 0.3% THC which cannot give you that buzz that THC provides. It’s simply a medicinal compound that your body naturally processes because of its natural cannabidiol receptors. The most commonly understood benefits are for the reduction of inflammation and the relief of pain.

CBDs Are Natural and Effective
As an OTC supplement approved by the FDA and now legal in all 50 states, CBD oil is said to be the safest pain remedy on the market. Obviously it depends on the manufacturer and how it is extracted, but when you find a reputable company like Cope CBD in Colorado, it would behoove you to buy CBD oil in bulk so that you can have a cost-effective supply in your medicine cabinet. Some people have found that CBD oil helps them to sleep at night while others use it to treat and prevent migraines. Others use CBD oil as a topical treatment on their face to reduce puffy eyes or relieve the painful swelling when they are sunburned.

CBD Oil Is a Pet Friendly Supplement
One of the interesting things about CBDs is that this is an animal-friendly substance. Many vets are now recommending dog and cat owners to have a supply on hand for those times when their fur babies seem to be overly anxious. Some dogs and cats don’t react well to having strangers in the house when you have company over for dinner or when loud noises like fireworks on the Fourth of July frighten them.

Previously, vets would prescribe tranquilizers like Valium or Xanax, but a growing number are now recommending CBDs in pet care.

CBD Sleep products are a great way to get a restful nights sleep. MINERAL is a cannabinoid focused wellness brand based in Austin, TX that grows, cultivates and formulates hemp products to create balance in the body. MINERAL is a perfumery that seeks to marry equal parts wellness, lifestyle, and trend.

Finally, there is one interesting thing to note and that is the fact that no one has ever been known to overdose from too high a concentration of CBDs. It is said to be impossible and while you may get a bit nauseous or experience diarrhea as you would when you eat too much of anything, you aren’t likely to overdose like you would with prescription medications for pain or anxiety. Because it is so safe, it is suggested that you keep a good supply on hand. You never know when you might come down with that splitting headache keeping you from a good night’s rest. Got CBD? Then you’ve got comfort. That’s really all there is to it.


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