Celebrate Hydration Awareness for Dogs with Petralyte

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With April being Active Dog Month and July being National Hydration Awareness Month for Dogs, there is no better time than now you to invest in Petralyte to help keep their dogs hydrated and nutrient boosted.

Because it’s such an easy solution that requires a simple click on Amazon or Walmart, we would love to work with you on a story as to how our client, Petralyte is the key for your readers to protect their dogs from dehydration this spring and summer. 

About Petralyte

Co-founder Alex Osborne created Petralyte after nearly losing his beloved furry friend to severe dehydration while hiking in Los Angeles and thought to himself that no one else should have to endure such a debilitating pain. Partnering with Akash Apachi, Petralyte has now become the it, liquid-iv product for dogs. Petralyte also takes serving the health and care of the greater dog community personally and acts on this by donating a serving to a pup in need with every purchase.  We are involved with shelters, rescues and animal charities across America.

Dehydration related to heat stress is one of the most common preventable causes of death in dogs. Canines need hydration and nutrition just like humans do…especially before/during/after exercise, hot weather exposure, aging, and/or recovering from illness.

Petralyte is a vet-certified electrolyte supplement and nutrient specially tailored for dogs. Our formula helps dogs stay hydrated so they can be healthier and more active, while at the same time take in nutrients faster and more efficiently.

The package is a single-use portable powder-sachet and all you need to do is mix it into a regular bowl of water or sprinkle it on their food. Each Box contains 16 ready-to-mix, portable, adventure-ready packets (3.1 grams each), available in three animal-friendly flavors: chicken, beef and turkey. It was created for dogs of all energy levels and comes with a number of added health benefits to support the kidney, bladder, vision, muscle and heart.

Petralyte is truly a vital resource to because it is meant to be a daily care product that they can incorporate into your pup’s routine. As a company Petralyte’s primary passion is to help animals in need around the world. With every Petralyte purchase, they donate to help a dog in need!

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