How to Choose the Right Aircraft for Your Chartered Flight

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If you choose the wrong aircraft rental for your chartered flight, you’ll regret your trip or have trouble reaching your destination. Yet there are few resources on how to make the right decision outside of the travel agent and charter service reps that are eager to sell you the seats they need to offload. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right private jet aircraft for hire.

Travel Range

Not all aircraft are the same and one of the biggest differences between aircraft is their range. There are relatively few private jet charter options if you want to travel over an ocean, but you have far more options if you want to travel cross-country or hop across the Channel. In general, the longer the trip you want to take in a single hop, the fewer craft you can rent. If you do choose a mid-range craft, you’ll need to plan on time for it to refuel at each stop.

In general, turboprops can take you on a cross-country trip; they can reach destinations within three hours without refuelling. If the flight takes more than three hours, you should expect a fuel stop, and that consumes time and money. If the flight will last four hours or more, save yourself the hassle and rent a light jet at a minimum. For even longer flights, mid-size jets and heavy jets are ideal. If you’re crossing an ocean, only a heavy jet will do.

Space and Weight

The amount of space you can have per person varies between aircraft. Plan on at least one full seat per person when you’re shopping around for a private jet hire. Don’t plan on putting a toddler in your lap or letting a baby in a carrier sitting on the floor.

Another factor to consider before searching for a private jet aircraft for rent is the amount of space you can give to each person for luggage and equipment. For example, if you’re planning a safari or long-term stay at a remote location, you may want to take far more luggage per person than you could take as carry-on or in the cargo hold of the typical airline.

However, not all aircraft come with the same amount of cargo space, so you should determine if you need a different aircraft, a larger craft, or plan on fewer people in your party to make sure you can take all of your belongings. Or, you may want to arrange for the property to be mailed to your destination so it is waiting for you on arrival or have items shipped home instead of planning on a bigger, more expensive aircraft rental so you can take it on the same flight. A third choice is choosing to rent equipment at the destination instead of trying to take it with you.

Suppose the aircraft does have the theoretical space and weight to take your equipment. They may or may not have space for skis or delicate sporting equipment in the cabin and you might have to relegate it to the cargo hold.

One factor to research before you book a private jet aircraft for charter is whether or not the company actually provides the space they promise to give you when you rent the aircraft. Some try to generate extra money by carrying parcels or extra passengers.

Physical Dimensions

Before you book your private jet aircraft hire, you have to take your passengers’ size into consideration as well. Is there anyone in your party that is very tall? If so, you may want to book an aircraft with more head space or taller chairs. Is anyone very heavy? You may need to make sure the aircraft has spacious seats so that that person is not left feeling squeezed into their seat. Or you may need to ask if the chartered aircraft has the same ability to lift up airline seat hand rests so that someone can sit on two side by side seats. If someone must lay down for medical reasons, such as when they’re transported on a gurney or hospital bed, can the aircraft support this? If someone needs an oxygen tank next to them, will it be accommodated easily? You might want to go with a provider that can offer private jet aircraft hire for your needs. An example would be Paramount Business Jets who offer a variation of jet sizes and you’re sure to find one that meets everyone’s needs.


There’s been significant debate regarding the use and abuse of the “emotional support animal” category to bring all sorts of pets on aircraft. Stories of people bringing uncontrolled dogs, pigs, rabbits, and other animals on aircraft have led to slowly changing rules on these animals being brought on flights. Chartered flights are not bound by these same rules. However, you should not assume that you can bring your pets on a chartered flight.

Ask whether or not animals are allowed onboard the flight before you plan on bringing them. If they aren’t allowed in the cabin, ask if the plane has a pressurized cargo hold for transporting the animals.


Some aircraft charter services will provide service equivalent to a first-class seat, or even better in many cases. However, with some services, you could end up on a private jet rental that feels more like economy class and the only advantage is the ability to come and go on your schedule instead of that of the big airlines. Ask about the amenities before you book an aircraft hire.

For example, you may want an aircraft that you can board with a gently sloping stairwell they bring up to the aircraft instead of a step ladder. You may need an aircraft with an onboard bathroom. You may want an aircraft with a kitchenette, so you can eat meals while flying. A long-distance flight is made much more comfortable if you can sleep onboard somehow, and an aircraft with seats that lean back or even convert into beds may be worth it if you’re now able to sleep before arriving at your destination.

Many people chartering an aircraft want service onboard. You’ll probably have to pay extra for a steward or stewardess, but it can make the trip so much more pleasant. It certainly eliminates the need for a parent on vacation to be constantly fetching things and figuring out how various devices work. If you want service like this, check out the company’s reputation for customer service before you book the flight.

The Facilities Where You’re Going

While we’ve addressed the flight range and amenities of the aircraft itself, your choice is also impacted by the facilities where you’re landing. If you’re landing at a small airport or a remote airstrip, it may have to be a turboprop craft because jets can’t land there. Turboprop aircraft have more flexible landing and take-off capabilities. If you’re going somewhere with a long runway, then a jet is fine. This isn’t an issue if you’re going to get off at a major airport and transition to a smaller turboprop to reach your final destination.


You need to pick an aircraft with the range to reach your destination in one or two hops. You want to choose chartered aircraft with enough space for you, your family, your gear, and your pets if you’re bringing any. Select a chartered aircraft with the amenities you want and need to make the flight as comfortable as possible. You’ll also need the aircraft to be able to take-off and land from the runway at the final destination.

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