Creative Fun with Wipeout Dry Erase Safety Gear for Kids #iWipeout #WipeoutArt

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I remember when I was a young girl, teaching myself how to ride a bicycle at the age of 6. I would steadfastly hold onto the fence in front of our house with one hand, and balance myself on the other trying to get the balance needed to soar away. While I was persistent and became somewhat of an expert cyclist (no-hands on my 10-speed bike by age 8), safety was not as much of an issue in my day. I had bruises and scrapes galore on my elbows, legs and knees from dozens of failed attempts at balancing.  Nowadays, safety is top priority when teaching our kids to ride a bicycle. We want them to have fun, explore the joy of riding a bike, but keep their body protected, especially their head. Safety gear has come a long way and now they can showoff their creative side with customizable gear from Wipeout. Wipeout Dry Erase helmets and pads offer cool, stylish safety gear. For ages 5+, the dry erase helmets and pads give Willow her chance to show off her spunk and style, all while staying protected while learning to ride her own bicycle.When I pulled out the helmet and pads for Willow, she came running up to me asking “are those for me? She knows whenever Aunt Kristin comes to visit, I bring her something new and exciting to play with. She was excited to get started creating and showing off her art skills with her helmet and pads. She was doubly excited to show me how well she has come with learning to maneuver around on her bike.

Each Wipeout helmet comes with everything needed to create endless designs on their dry erase helmet. Willow loved her bright, neon zest helmet and couldn’t wait to color on it with the five bold neon color dry erase (non-toxic) markers. She immediately took to the cool stencils that came with it, which is no surprise, as they are really cool.The helmet is made of ABS hard-shell construction for durability. It has dual certification for bike, as well as, skate use and ensures true active protection. It is available in 3 sizes that will fit kids ranging 3-11 years of age. It retails for $29.99.  The pads also come with two dry erase markers to draw with. I love how the wrist guards are impact-resistant and has molded splints to protect the top and bottom of the wrists. The wrist guards als have shock absorbing EVA foam between each support splints for cushioning.

The knee and elbow pads have a great surface area that is light and contouring to each joint. They too have EVA foam for protection. The fun part is the areas that give Willow plenty of space to show off her own unique style. They 3-pack kit retails fr $24.99 and comes in black, teal, neon pink and zest (like Willow’s helmet). The gear is super easy to clean, giving Willow countless possibilities to put whatever she wants on her helmet and pads. With the swish of a dry paper towel, the helmet is wiped clean and ready for more drawing fun!

Safety gear has come a long way from when I was a kid and with Wipeout, safety is a blast. It makes safety fun and engaging, while giving parents relief and comfort. Kids can do away with plain helmets or be stuck with one design each day. Wipeout lets them change of their style whenever they feel like it. Not sure how to get started? Check out Wipeout’s great tutorials for some artistic inspiration.

Wipeout Dry Erase items are available at Toys R’ Us, Target, Academy , Scheel’s, Amazon and other leading retailers.

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118 thoughts on “Creative Fun with Wipeout Dry Erase Safety Gear for Kids #iWipeout #WipeoutArt

  • Congratulations Elizabeth, I know you will love this prize.

  • My boys would love to get his creativeness onto one of these helmets by Iwipeoutart. This is the coolest thing ever!

  • I love the safety features of this helmet. My grandchildren would love decorating their own. This is a great idea. Thank you for sharing

  • I do wish I had a Wipeout Dry Erase helmet when I was young. We didn’t even have helmets at all.

  • My kids would really love designing their own helmets.

  • My grandson would love to get his creativeness onto one of these helmets by Iwipeoutart. This is the coolest thing ever!

  • My grandkids needs this while riding their bikes and what fun to write on the helmets.

  • I love this idea for my grandchildren. We make them wear safety gear when riding their bikes, etc. They would love doing this. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

  • The bright color of the helmet is great! Color on it all they want and they will still be protected.

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  • Wipeout Dry Erase helmets are a lot of fun and safety is so important with bike riding.

  • We recently purchased the knee and elbow pads at Target. They stood out because of this post! She loves them. She has drawn flowers and happy faces on them.

  • This is making safety fun for kids. More apt to use them.

  • As parents we do like that Wipeout Dry Erase helmets and pads offer cool, stylish safety gear.

  • I know a lot of kids whod say yes ill wear my helmet or pads,after theyve decorated them.

  • A lot of fun and very useful.

  • This looks like so much fun, my daughter would love to have this. I had never seen these before, now I am going to have to add it to my list for her birthday gifts.

  • Getting the kids involved by having them design their helmets is an innovative idea & means they will actually want to wear them!

  • I am glad there is now fun and safe helmets like this one for children to use.

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  • These are so cool!!! My kids would love them!!!

  • They have all the things to keep a young one safe while riding a bike. I especially like the markers so the kids can create designs on their helmets.

  • The kids would love this. They would have a great time writing and drawing on the helmet.

  • What a fun and creative way to get kids to want to wear their safety gear when riding their bikes.

  • I think its a great idea to make safety products more fun for kiddos… lets them get creative!

  • You were a very persistent 6 year old teaching yourself to ride. Neat story.

  • I do like that Each Wipeout helmet comes with everything needed to create endless designs and lots of fun!

  • Great products

  • This would be amazing for children!! Fun plus they would want to wear it because of their own art.

  • These look great! How well does the ink stay on while wearing? It’s a cool idea, but if it wipes off every time they wipe out it wouldn’t be very good.

  • Wipeout Dry Erase Safety Gear for Kids is a fun and unique gift. My artist daughter would have loved this when she was young.

  • This looks fun for kids! My girls always wore bicycle helmets.

  • So cool!

  • What child wouldn’t enjoy having this I safety gear to write on, or have their friends sign it, and be able to erase it all and start over again.

  • Wow! This is super cool! Personalized items are always so much fun!

  • This is such a fabulous idea to let your kids decorate their own helmets so they want to wear their helmet when they ride their
    bicycle. The hand , elbow and knee pads are super for new riders to help keep them from injury. I’m glad that bicycle riders
    have these products to help keep them safe.

  • Very creative, youngsters would like this.

  • I have lots of the safety gear but would like to put the imaginations to work and get creative

  • I love this idea. My niece would have fun decorating.

  • What a neat idea. By being able to create what they like, kids will hopefully be more likely to wear these safety gear products!

  • My gosh this is so cool!

  • This is cool, something the kids will love.

  • Wish I’d had these pads when I was a kid. My knees were always busted open. I also could have used the wrist guards. I would think ALL kids would want to wear one of those helmets

  • The more I see this the more I want it for my kids

  • I am sure the kids love making up their own helmet in the way they want to.

  • It would be a nice activity to get them ready for safety of bike riding .

  • I like how creative the kids can get with this

  • I love all of the color options.

  • I love anything that inspires creativity. I also really like that they have the wrist guards as my daughter had a broken arm and I always make her wear wrist guards when skating.

  • I like the bright colors of the helmets. Fun for kids and great visibility for others on the road.

  • This looks nice for your child looking good

  • Good protection

  • I love that my.Very random 4 year old can express his creativity & change his design as often as he’d like. Talk about personalization

  • SO cool and fun to do custom design

  • What a creative and unique product! My grandsons would love to decorate a helmet!

  • That’s cool that you can write on the helmet; kids love that.

  • My niece is very artistic and would love to draw on her helmet!

  • Pretty cool and they can customize their own gear! We have lots here the kids would have fun with. So many helmets, pads, etc.

  • a fun way to stay safe.

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  • I think it’s a great idea that kids get to design their own, makes it more personal

  • I think this is such a cute idea. Kids love to draw pictures and they can change it as often as they like with the dry erase wipeout helmet.

  • The kids would love this because the can put whatever they want on the helmet. These are just really cute.

  • I always want the kids to wear gear to keep them safe and this does and also they get to feature there art on it so they would love wearing the art they have done so cute and colorful too.

  • I love this idea. NO kid would NOT like it. They would all want one. I guess I’d have to get more than one of them.

  • My daughter is the type to change her mind within minutes. This helmet would suit her artistic creativity and keep her safe. It’s a great idea!

  • I think this is a great way to make safety fun for kids!

  • This looks like a lot of fun and a great way to get my daughter excited about wearing a helmet and riding safe.

  • Really neat that they are customizable. I think the kids would have fun with these.

  • This is really cute, Love that you can design your own helmet.

  • I can not believe these aren’t in stores yet , they are freaking awesome <3 i need to purchase a few of these sets before the summer is over .

  • So fun!!!

  • This is such a clever ideal I wish I had thought of it. I like the teal color in the glossy but they are all super cute.

  • I think its great that kids can add their own touch to it. Perhaps it will encourage them to wear it

  • I love this! Being safe and having fun! 🙂

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  • This is a great idea, my son would like the teal.

  • My granddaughters would like getting to decorate their helmets by their self.

  • What a creative idea! I love that not only does WipeOut give kids the opportunity to create designs on their helmets but also is a quality protection gear as well.

  • Safety and fun all wrapped up in one! Sorry, couldn’t resist! LOL. Anyways, this is just perfect for kids.

  • Very creative idea! I know my daughter would have enjoyed this when she was young.

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  • This is a cute idea so the kids can design them on their own and I love that it’s all for the safety of or children!

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  • Every child should wear a helmet while riding a bike. The knee pads and arm pads are great also!

  • I love the look and creativity it involves.i like the face it brings the child’s interest while also being able to learn safety and have fun! This is excellent!

  • I love these! My niece would have a blast decorating her down helmet!

  • Riding a bike is fun and so is creating your own style of riding gear. But the whole goal is to keep our little riders safe. This product takes care of both! The really creative part is, our little riders can pretend to be someone different every day!

  • I absolutely love this product! Great to foster creativity and fun and also give the child a vested interest in wearing their helmet and displaying their artwork!!!! Great job Wipeout!!

  • Wipeout Dry Erase Safety Gear for Kids does seem like a lot of creative fun!

  • This is a great idea. It’s always helpful to make safety gear more appealing to young children.

  • I love how my Granddaughter can make this her own. I think she would love it.

  • This is such a great idea! Kids love to be creative and express themselves, and this allows them to do it over and over again! 🙂 My daughter would love this!

  • I like how this safety helmet and gear can be individualized and fun for kids.

  • This sounds like great safety gear that kids will wear. Safety gear can’t protect kids if they refuse to wear it, so safety gear that they like is a must have!

  • I really like the splints on the wrist guards. So much safer than just knee and elbow pads, since the natural impulse, when you’re falling, is to put out your hands to break the fall. Works well when walking, usually, but more dangerous when skating and biking! I broke my wrist as a kid falling off the top of a swing set.

  • Anything to get the kids more excited to use their helmet is a plus. They would enjoy dressing up their helmets with markers.

  • This looks like something my son would really like to have for riding his bike!

  • I think this is such a great idea! It gets kids excited to actually use protective gear! I remember when my son was little, it was like pulling teeth to get him to wear a helmet. I mean I made him do it, but this would have made it so much easier!!! My granddaughter would love these!

  • I love that kids can create their own designs on these and they aren’t permanent and can be changed again and again!

  • I love that this helmet and accessory set protect little heads and bodies! I like that my kids could customize them any way they want, this means they will be more apt to wear them without a fight!

  • I like that you can teach your kids safety while also letting them also bring out thier artistic skills

  • This is cool. I love how kids can get creative and change the drawings when they want.

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