What You Don’t Know About Gifts

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Many people never stop to think about why we give gifts. Everybody loves receiving gifts and giving someone a gift also makes you feel good, but where did this start and why do we do it? If you’re buying Personalised Shot Glasses for that special drink for a family member or friend, the following reasons might be why you’re doing it in the first place.

  • The Origins Of Christmas

Christmas is without a doubt the biggest gift giving event of the year and this isn’t coincidental. According to the Bible, when Jesus was born the wise men came to welcome him into the world by bringing him gifts. We honour this tradition by giving each other gifts on Christmas, to represent the gifts that the wise men gave baby Jesus when he was born. This could also in part be the origin of giving gifts on a birthday, since it was Jesus’ birthday when he received the gifts. One great gift could be his and hers promise rings.

  • It’s A Way To Express Emotions

When you want to show someone you love them or appreciate them, the best way to do it is by buying them a gift to show that love and appreciation. Gifts are also commonly given after someone has done you a favour, to show gratitude. Therefore, gifts are a nice way to say “Thank you” or “I love you” to make the message come across more clearly.

  • Celebrating Milestones

Gifts are commonly given on milestone days like birthdays and anniversaries. It celebrates making it through another year of life or being with another person for another year. In relationships, milestone gifts have special significance and there are different gifts that are traditionally bought for every year spent together. Since anniversaries are all about celebrating love, it makes sense to buy a gift since a gift at its core is an expression of love and appreciation. Buy giving your partner a gift, you are saying that you’re happy you spent that year with them and that you hope there are many more years to come.

On birthdays, we give gifts because that day is a celebration of the person whose birthday it is. On that day, everybody who loves the person whose birthday it is has a chance to express that love through a gift from the heart.

  • Fixing Problems

When you start to drift apart from someone you don’t see often, nothing will reignite the relationship faster than a thoughtful gift that you surprise them with. It’s the best way to reconnect with someone and become friends with them again.

When you hurt somebody, a gift can also help to apologize to them properly. When words fail, a heartfelt gift can say everything that needs to be said for their feelings to recover from the wrong you did.

In conclusion, gifts are very versatile ways to express a variety of things. It can express love, admiration, appreciation, sorrow or forgiveness. Gifts are a tradition that brings nothing but joy into our lives.

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