Enjoy Tasteful Vegan Sweets from LEHI Mills This Holiday Season #MegaChristmas20

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The new year is almost here, and it is time for a change of how we eat. I really want to start out with healthy plan, and start eating before the new year gets here so I am already on the way. LEHI Mills has a delicious tasteful sweets that are perfect to satisfy that sweet tooth but won’t leave you feeling guilty. Also, you can whip up some great treats for your holiday gatherings, or give them away as gifts. 

It’s safe to say people are more eager than ever to explore a vegan diet as nearly nine million Americans have changed their lifestyle and gone vegan within the past 15 years. With this rapid increase, many brands have begun offering vegan options. While this is great for the plant-based community, just because something is labeled vegan does not mean it offers the utmost quality and consistency, let alone a great taste.

About LEHI Mills: 

Small family-run mills were the standard in America from the 17th century till the early 1900s. From the 1950s on, there were massive changes in grain growing and the flour milling industry. Hybrid wheat varieties yielded more, and factory farms rapidly became the norm. More is better, right? Not always. The new wheat varieties resulted in much lower quality flour that compromised the taste and the texture of the baked goods it delivered.

During these changing times, Lehi Mills remained true to ingredient quality and focused on solving the problem by working with the farmers to develop a wheat variety that retained high baking quality (light, fluffy texture), while still increasing farmers’ yields.

Included in the Lehi Mills Certified Vegan Line is the delicious Vegan Pancake and Waffle Mix, Vegan Raspberry Muffin Mix, and Vegan Double Fudge Brownie. All of which are plant-based and perfect for when you want a wholesome, vegan treat.

Whip up the perfect brownie. If you like your brownies heavy on the fudgy side, not the cakey side, these dark, rich chocolaty brownies are a melt-in-your-mouth delight. Even if you think you’re a cake brownie person, give our fudge brownie mix one bite and we think you’ll change your mind.

You can purchase these great LEHI Mills mixes at grocery retailers and on their Website. 

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  • I like vegan treats since it makes it easier for me to avoid eggs and dairy so these would be perfect!

  • It is so hard to find good Vegan sweets so this is great!

  • These look really good!

  • Wow, those brownies look delicious. I’d love to try this brand. Thanks for posting!

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