Family Dogs – These Are the 7 Best Breeds for Kids

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There comes a time in the life of every parent when they capitulate to the multitude of pleas for a family dog. What family hasn’t endured the everyday demand for a puppy like the little boy down the street got for his birthday or your daughter’s BFF got for Christmas last year? You can only say “No!” so many times before that little four-legged monster sounds better day by day. After all, it couldn’t be worse than the two-legged imps running around screaming for a puppy, could it?

If you choose the right family dog that gets on well with kids, your trials and tribulations should be minimal. However, choose the wrong dog and your worst nightmare has just begun. Here are the seven best breeds for families with kids. 

First a Word about Caring for Your New Dog

Before you even consider getting a dog, it is advisable to learn a little something about caring for that new family member. You will want to read up on various breeds, go see some puppies to get a feel for that breed and then read up on dog supplies reviews so that you know what you are buying for your new dog is safe and healthy. Don’t go for gimmicks, ever! So many dog toys, like toddler toys, have proven to be dangerous or toxic for your pet so it really pays to know what you are buying.

The best way to be assured you are buying the best you can afford is to read what others are saying. Read a good mix written by professionals and lay people alike. Look at what the experts are saying and then look at what consumers are saying. By comparing notes you’ll be able to decipher which products are best for you and your dog. Now on to those breeds that do well with children!

1) Beagle

There is nothing cuter than those medium sized and often chubby dogs with more energy than even your overactive kids. Loving and gentle, a beagle makes the perfect pet in households with children. The one thing you might want to think about is the fact that beagles need to be brushed regularly as they shed easily. However, when it comes to play time with the kids, your little ones are sure to wear out and be ready for a nap long before your beagle runs out of oomph.

2) French Bulldog

People hear the word ‘bulldog’ and automatically cringe. Why? Even pit bull terriers are people friendly dogs and tend towards being much more dog aggressive than people aggressive. However, the French bulldog is another creature altogether and was never bred to hunt boars or fight in illegal dog rings. The French bulldog is a smaller sized dog abounding with energy and ranked as the 6th most popular breed by the American Kennel Club. They are fun-loving and great with children.

3) Newfoundland

Now this is a big dog! However, don’t let that big size dissuade you. Ranked by many as the best dog to have with kids, they have often been dubbed by the moniker, “Nature’s Nannies.” Big in size, big enough to keep predators away from your tikes, a Newfoundland is a long haired dog that will also shed, requiring frequent brushings but it is a gentle breed that will take good care of your two-legged young pups. That’s for sure.

4) Collie

While you can only see Lassie on old reruns on cable, this particular dog exemplifies all that is good in a breed to have with children in the home. A collie is a herder and likes everything in place. Most often they will work to keep kids from wandering away from the pack and as a highly intelligent and intuitive dog, they truly can sense danger long before it arrives. Just like Lassie!

5) Poodle

Poodles come in various sizes from tiny miniature teacups to larger standard sized dogs. They are great with kids and are really playful. Again, these are a long haired dog that requires regular grooming but if you take your dog for the traditional poodle cut once a month, they’ll have less hair to shed, much to mom’s delight. The one thing you should know is that the miniature poodles are probably a bit too high strung for families with small children and they do tend to get a bit anxious if pestered too much by the kids. It’s best to choose a standard size dog if you are looking for a family pet.

6) Irish Setter

What a lovely dog the Irish setter is. Another long haired dog, the setter needs to be well groomed and the results are simply stunning. Few dogs have this natural sheen to their coat, but beauty isn’t everything a setter has going for it. Here, you will most often want to have a setter in a home with a relatively large yard because they love to romp and play, having an abundance of energy. The one unfortunate thing about a setter is that they usually only live to about 10 years and 12 is considered to be very old indeed. Some families wait until their kids are a bit older before getting a setter because kids will be grown by the time the dog is old and will better understand the cycles of life, ending in passing over the rainbow bridge.

7) Labrador Retriever

And, last but not least, the mighty lab. As one of the most popular breeds on earth, it is good to know that labs are great with kids. They love to play and fetch, obviously as they are a retriever, and will spend hours with your kids, keeping everyone entertained as they frolic about chasing after literally anything your kids might choose to toss.

So here you have the seven best breeds for families with kids and the choice is up to you. Depending on the ages of your kids, the amount of space you have to work with and the amount of time you want to spend grooming your dog, it shouldn’t take long to pick the one you feel an affinity for. Any of these are said to be great with children so why not let the kids decide! You are, after all, getting the dog for them!

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