How Painting Can Benefit your Home for Good?

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Your home is not only dear to your heart, but it also has a lot of monetary value. So, you must maintain it properly and reverberate your characteristics indeed through it.

Often refurbishing the entire house with all the fixtures and fittings turn out to be an arduous task. But, if you want to change the entire look and feel of your home with minimal efforts – update the paint.

With something as trivial as a fresh coat of paint applied to your house by painters in north shore Auckland, you can bestow yourself with loads of benefits and that too within a limited budget.

Super benefits of painting

Improved aesthetics

The taste might change over a period along with the needs in our lives. A color that you might have liked when you first shifted, might not suit your taste anymore. And we also tend to get bored with seeing the same walls, and the same colors.

Do not neglect the aesthetics in life – they might seem to be superficial and minute, but they play a vital role in setting your emotional and overall feel-good quotient. Every morning you wake up, or every time you enter your driveway, you are rejuvenated.

With a fresh layer of paint, you can change a lot in your life and give an entirely new touch to your house.

It also gives a better impression on the buyers. When buyers find your home aesthetically pleasing, they will have more chances of purchasing it.

Increased valuation of the property

Along with enhancing the beauty of the house, it also helps in spiking up to its estimate. That is why experts advise to invest some money in painting before you put up your home for sale. When prospective buyers or evaluators come to assess your property, they assign better valuation to a house which is freshly painted.

Other major and expensive renovations such as kitchen remodeling pay up only 80 percent of the return on investment. But when you apply some fresh paint to the interiors and exteriors of the house, you can expect a better rerun on investment and a profit for sure.

A house that breaths fresh also has the maximum chances of attracting more and better buyers.

Protects from incest and termites

A fresh coat of paint increases the lifespan of your home and protects it a probable infestation of termites.

To protect your home, traditional forms of siding, like vinyl or wood, need to be replaced occasionally. Whereas if you add a few strokes of paint, you can increase the lifespan without incurring huge expenses.

Furthermore, new paint helps to repair small damage such as wear and tear of specific areas. It also helps in covering up blemishes and patches which might turn out to be the safe haven for insects.

Home up-gradation

Color trends change over time, and something which might have been the best option ten years ago might look outdated now. So, if you want your home to reflect your true nature and if you love to be up with the current time, you must change the colors of your home before changing any furniture or other fixtures.

Once you upgrade the paint, you can decide if you at all need to make any other major renovation in the house or not.

Positive home energy

A house that feels fresh reunites the members and gives a warm and homely feeling to the guests. Be it your kitchen, or your bathroom, or the driveway, vivid interior colors undoubtedly adds more life to the household.


House painting is one of the most inexpensive options for renovation. If you choose the right contractor, they can make your home look absolutely new at a reasonable cost.

Yes, there are costly paints available in the market, and you can also argue that renovation of the house can be done at other cheaper options too. But, considering the overall cost benefits, the longevity of benefits reaped, the increased aesthetics value, and the interests, the painting turns out to be the best home renovation technique.



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  • We purchased a newly built home and the paint was so cheap. It looked terrible. We have been working on repainting everything. Thank you for sharing this great information

  • When I first moved into my house, I hated the color of the from the beginning! I am ready for a change. A recent house painting job can have a major effect on the value of your home as well as on how you feel about it

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