A scenic room with a view ~ Queens Gardens located at Kingston upon Hull, England

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A trip to England is something I have always dreamed about. I would love to have the chance to stroll around London, hop on the double decker bus and experience all that life has to offer from such a lovely place if only for a few days time.


Now that my daugher is a senior in high school, that dream trip to England could become a reality. I can think of few things that would be a nicer way to celebrate such an important milestone. You only graduate high school one time, and as you can imagine I am a proud Mama! If graduation isn’t cause for international travel, I do not know what is.


We haven’t taken this dream trip yet because extra curricular activities and a strict school day schedule keeps us quite busy as you might imagine. Next spring all of that changes in our lives as I prepare to send my lovely daughter off into the world as an adult.


As I plan this dream trip for 2, I am drawn to one area in particular, Queens Gardens. The location appeals to me as we could travel to Heathrow in under 30 minutes. Asides from the central location the descriptions of the area make my heart skip a beat.

Queens Gardens is a series of gardens located in Kingston upon Hull, England. Set on nearly 10 acres, this is one of those places in the world that I long to see. I can imagine strolling along with my nearly grown daughter, taking in the sights of the Japanese Cherry Trees, taking photos of the plaque that commemorates Robinson Crusoe and basking in the sight of the Wilberforce Monument.


The border of perennial flowers and the fountains of Queens Gardens paints a picture in my mind that I find irresistible. I can just see my daughter and I sharing a moment in time that neither of us will ever forget in this picturesque part of the world.


Now that the dream seems to be on the track of becoming a reality it is time to find Hotels Near Queens Gardens. With so many great places to stay in the area, picking one seemed to be a daunting task. Thank Goodness for the internet! It makes searching so much easier than relying on a guide book for information!

 Park Grand Lancaster

After much research and price shopping I think we found one that is affordable, comfortable and clean. It is located within meters of the rail station, which would make that dream of spending a day in Heathrow a do-able day trip as well as the fantasy I have of celebrating my daughter and her achievements in England. Our top choice for lodging is the Park Grand London Paddington at this time.


Now that I am planning this trip I need to hear from you! What would you recommend doing in the Queens Gardens area? Are there any tips and tricks to the city that you can offer to help us make the most of our time in England?
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  • I plan to go to England by next year and this place looks so heavenly

  • That isn’t Hull in the first pic, it’s London.

  • I have never been to England so I can’t help you with any tips. You are so lucky to be able to go on a trip there. It sounds wonderful and the room looks lovely. Have a great trip….

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