Seven Ways You are Ruining Your Mattress

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There are times when you don’t want to step out of your bed but just keep engulfed in your bed for as long as possible. This is because we develop an essential relationship with our mattress that it becomes an ultimate place to find solace from the everyday hassles and hectic daily life.

There is nothing that affects our quality of good sleep than the type and the condition of the mattress we sleep in. Many at times we tend to damage the mattress ourselves without our knowledge and need to use mattress removal services. The following are ways you might be ruining your mattress. It includes:

Failing to use Mattress Protector

A mattress protector is vital in every mattress because it shields dead skin cells, body oils, and even dust from entering the mattress. These elements are harmful to the mattress and will ruin it or even damage it. Ensure you always use mattress protector all the time.

Not Rotating Your Mattress

Failing to rotate your mattress regularly will make it develop valleys that conform to the shape of the bed. Do not sleep on one side of the mattress for a long time as it will get damaged sooner than you expected.

Jumping or Standing on the Bed

It’s fun for kids to jump on the bed and sometimes adults also do the same while playing with children without knowing that it ruins their mattress. Even just standing on the mattress ruins it because the body weight exerts pressure on one part of the mattress causing it to sag and strain.

Failing to Clean the Mattress Regularly

Many people do not see the need to clean the mattress so long as the cover is clean. Dust mites find their way inside the mattress and cause harm and it is, therefore, important to occasionally vacuum the mattress to get rid of bugs and other harmful microscopic critters.

Not Attending Promptly to Spills and Stains on the Mattress

When spills soak into the mattress, it not only becomes hard to clean it but will quickly damage the mattress. Spills and stains ruin the mattress, and it is important to dry out the spills promptly before it soaks in and damages the mattress.

Storing the Mattress Inappropriately

The way we store our mattress matters a lot in caring and ensuring it lasts long. When stored incorrectly it may develop mildew or worse become infested with microscopic elements and bugs. Garages, wet places, unfinished apartments and places with fluctuating temperature and humidity are not the best storing areas for a mattress.

Sitting on the Edge of the Mattress

Sitting on the edge of the mattress makes it to sag on one side and especially on the edge. This will exert pressure on the edge and cause it to lose shape and get ruined. It is advisable to have a chair on the side of the bed to sit in when not sleeping. This will help protect the mattress.

It is advisable to desist from these simple acts that ruin your mattress without you knowing. Prevention is better than cure, therefore, protect the mattress for it to last long.

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