5 Unexpected Places You Should Be Cleaning In Your Home

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House chores are one of those adult things we’ve learned to live with so we made peace with the fact that cleaning our house regularly is a must. Still, there are hidden corners of the home we regularly forget to clean because we’re so focused doing the standard cleaning routine. Here are some of the spots that are often overlooked when it comes to making sure your home is neat as a button.

1.     Baseboards and Floor Molding

Cleaning and scrubbing the floors on a regular basis is a must, especially when you’ve got children or pets in the house. While we can spend a lot of time making sure that all the grime from the floor is gone, we’re often oblivious of baseboards and floor molding. These little pieces of wood gather an incredible amount of dust, bacteria, and dirt on them, but that’s usually not visible until you run your finger over them and stare in shock. Thankfully, it’s easy to make sure floor molding is clean – you only need to remember to vacuum clean them too, and from time to time wipe them clean with a damp cloth. Read top 5 best dustbuster reviews on onlycanistervacuum.com to get ideas before buying them.

2.     Washing Machine

This might sound a bit counterintuitive, seeing that all a washing machine does is clean your clothes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get icky and clogged with dirt, hair and whatnot. Dirty washing machine can make your clothes smelly and not clean it well in the first place. The problem is usually mildew that gathers in the machine and if you don’t pay attention, all the fabric softener in the world won’t be able to help you. To solve this issue, simply set the machine on the hottest cycle, pour in a quart of white vinegar along with a cup of baking soda and let the chemistry do the magic. Only after you’ve cleaned your washing machine, you’ll realize how different your clothes smell and look after a wash.

3.  Light Switches and Doorknobs

You touch light switches and doorknobs dozens of times daily, yet how often have you thought about cleaning them? We touch these household items with dirty hands and eventually they’re teeming with all sorts of germs that just stick around. The good news is that you can clean them with simple dish soap or white vinegar on a cleaning rag, if you want to be meticulous about it.

4.     The Tops of Kitchen Shelves and Door Frames

Out of sight, out of mind, the old saying goes, and this rings true even when housecleaning is involved. The places that are hard to reach are also less likely to be cleaned. This includes spots like the tops of your kitchen shelves, the top of your refrigerator, as well as door frames. When you can’t see the dust and dirt that gathers there, it’s like it doesn’t exist, at least until you get up there and face it all at the eye-level. Also, dealing with cleaning services London might not always be an option, but from time to time it might be a good idea to hire professionals to see how your house could look like when experts get on it. Until then, get up on a chair or ladder and get cleaning.

5.     The Forgotten Dishwasher

Yet another home appliance that people assume doesn’t need cleaning because it does the cleaning for you. However, dealing with dirty dishes every day can turn your dishwasher into a smelly germy thing that you don’t want to use at all. That is why it would be wise to frequently clean your dishwasher by putting a cup of white vinegar on its top rack and running it through the hot-water cycle. After that, all the odors, grease, and food leftovers will be history and your dishwasher will serve you better and longer.

Cleaning every inch of your home is a daunting task, but from time to time it must be done. Next time when you’re doing your seasonal cleaning, don’t forget to get to these 5 places in your household too.

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  • I always forget to clean my washing machine and dishwasher! Great reminder! I also find that I forget to clean my grout and my closets (we throw shoes in the bottom of our coat closet, and when we pulled them all out to go through them, there was a ton of dirt. Oops, closets need to be vacuumed too!).

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