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Do you have a gaggle of furbabies or just maybe one loyal pal? No matter how many you have, here are some great must- haves for your pets to utilize this summer. 

Beach Break Equals Bath Time!

Whether your pup LOVES the water or just needs a summertime trim and bath, Alzoo’s NEW all-natural and eco-friendly dog shampoos gives fur parents options for all their needs!

Alzoo’s Dog Shampoos are specially formulated for your fur baby’s needs and come in Sugar Case Base Tubes, helping to reduce your plastic use.

From Puppy to 2-in-1 to Hypo-Allergenic and Anti-Itch, all these NEW dog shampoos are:

  • Sulfate Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Dye Free
  • Soap Free
  • Phthalate Free


 The concentrated shampoo powder provides gentle cleansing and deep conditioning, all while being kind to the planet.

  •  No single use plastics
  • No shipping water, reducing carbon footprint
  • Infinite use bottle, use over and over
  • Sulfate Free | Paraben Free | Dye Free | Soap Free | Phthalate Free


All of these amazing all-natural and eco-friendly dog shampoos will be available next month!  

Flea & Tick Prevention

According to the American Kennel Club, Spring and summer is a time when the lure of the great outdoors calls to us and our family pets. Unfortunately, it also rings in the full-blown season of fleas and ticks.

Whatever we do to keep our dogs healthy and protect them, it is impossible to keep them from meeting up with ticks and fleas when they go outside. And unfortunately, these parasites can have a serious effect on your dog’s health. There are big benefits to being consistent when protecting our dogs against these pesky parasites.

There are flea and tick preventatives on the market today that are safer and more effective than what was available 10 years ago. Our choices have grown exponentially over the years, however you must always consider the safety of your dog when using a flea and tick preventative. It is best to work with your veterinarian to decide on the right regimen that will fit your pet’s age, health, and breed, as well as the environment you live or vacation in. Your vet will also consider whether you have more than one pet, have dogs that swim, or have young children in your household.

That said, Alzoo has many different all-natural repellant options to help manage those pesky fleas and ticks this season for both for dogs and cats. 

Alzoo has all-natural repellents, from collars, to spot on treatments to sprays, to keep your pets safe.

ALZOO products do not contain chemical pesticides, which can be dangerous to apply and harmful if over-used. ALZOO products are designed to be used together to establish an optimum, natural “zone” of repellent protection to protect your pets without chemicals.

USE ALZOO PRODUCTS AS A SYSTEM. THE KEY TO PREVENTION AND FOR MAXIMUM EFFECT IS TO BEGIN USING ALZOO EARLY, EVEN BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS. Establish a zone early, ideally 30 days before the season. Create a repellent environment around the home and on pet before pests typically begin to bite.

ALZOO Natural Repellent EZ-ON Flea & Tick for Dogs is an all-natural spot-on repellant for dogs and an easy way to protect your dog over a long period against external parasites. Our natural formula effectively repels fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, alleviating irritation for your dog from pesky bug bites. Proven safe and effective when used as directed. ALZOO natural repellent spot on is safe for dogs over 4 months old. 

  • Natural Active Ingredients provide yourdog with chemical free protection
  • Easy to apply topical formula ensures safety and effective application forlong-term protection
  • Effectively repels fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes alleviating irritation foryour dog from pesky bug bites
  • Water resistant formula protects in light rain and infrequent swimming

For Cats, please find it HERE.

ALZOO Natural Diffusing Cat Collar protects efficiently and for the long-term your cat against external parasites : Fleas, Ticks, Lice, and does not contain any Phtalate or PVC

It uses a natural base active repellent with the active ingredients peppermint oil and cedarwood oil. Proven safe and effective when used as directed and is effective up to 4 months. Quick Tip: A drop of oil in the buckle facilitates an even smoother glide when fastening the collar! For Dogs, please find it HERE. This is for medium dogs, but they do have small and large dog sizes available. 

ALZOO Flea and Tick Repellent Spray for Dogs repels and treats fleas, ticks, dust-mites, and mosquitoes with natural active ingredients with essential oils and is a proven effective repellent. ALZOO repellent spray both treats and prevents external parasite infestation on your dog. 

ALZOO Flea and Tick Repellent Shampoo for Dogs, repels fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes and has natural ingredients with essential oils and is proven to be an effective repellent, even if you are adding it to a spot treatment, collar or other flea & tick prevention product.

ALZOO Natural G+ Environment Powder treats your pet environment and completes Alzoo product line. Use on carpet, dog house, pet bedding and more. For optimum efficacy, do not clean or vacuum the product for 4 to 5 days after application.

Have an anxious pet?

Whether its people, kids, travel or loud noises, such as thunderstorms and fireworksAlzoo’s Natural Calming Collars, Sprays and Diffusers for dog & cats are great for calming your fur baby.

Alzoo calming products contain natural oils, clinically proven to relax your pet naturally, and are created specifically for dogs and cats, using ingredients such as Valerian and Lavandin Oil, specifically for dogs and the natural essential oil of Nepeta Cataria, containing a substance called nepetalactone, well known for its calming properties in cats. 

ALZOO All-Natural Calming Plug-in Diffuser for Dogs are made with natural soothing ingredients. Dogs may experience stress from a variety of circumstances including a new household pet, vet visits, travel, grooming, moving, or loud noises such as fireworks or storms. With the use of valerian and lavandin extracts (well known for their calming properties in dogs), this anti-stress diffuser can help to calm your dog and reduce undesirable behaviors that are caused by stress (such as frequent barking, aggression, and object destruction). For Cat Diffusers, please go HERE.


ALZOO Calming Collar for Cats is great for on the go & at home. Cats may experience stress by a variety of circumstances including a new household pet, vet visits, travel, or moving. With the use of Nepeta Cataria essential oil (containing nepetalactone which is recognized for its appeasing properties in cats), this anti-stress collar can help to calm your cat and reduce undesirable behaviors (such as urine marking, destructive scratching, aggression, loss of appetite, frequent meowing). For Dogs please go HERE.

ALZOO All Natural Calming Spray for Dogs is made with natural soothing ingredients. Great on the go or at home! Dogs may experience stress from a variety of circumstances including a new household pet, vet visits, travel, grooming, moving, or loud noises such as fireworks or storms. With the use of valerian and lavandin extracts (well known for their calming properties in dogs), this calming spray can help to calm your dog and reduce undesirable behaviors that are caused by stress (such as frequent barking, aggression, and object destruction). Spray in the environment (not on your dog). For example, you could spray in the car before going on a drive. For Cats, please go HERE.

Pee Pads are not just for puppies!WizSmart Dog Pads are the best pad to have on hand for training and if even going forward, if you want to have an indoor bathroom for your fur baby. Studies are now suggesting it could be better for your pup to have a place to relieve themselves indoors, so they are not holding it so long when you are away.

And in summer months, an indoor bathroom area makes sense for dogs afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks, smaller dogs prone to heat exhaustion and on days walking may not be the best option due to very hot asphalt. Pee Pads are also great for older dogs and even outside of litter boxes for cats that may have difficulty.

WizSmart® is the most sustainable pee pad on the market. They are super absorbent and have Patented Stay-Put Tabs, an ideal solution for male dogs.The brand is transcending how pet owners can care for and clean up after their dogs with the thickest, most resilient, upcycled pee pads on the market.

As more dog owners look for smarter, sustainable ways to care for their beloved petsWizSmart is revolutionizing one small yet mighty sector. WizSmart uses top-quality, upcycled diapers to develop pet pads that bring lifechanging ease, comfort and cleanliness to pets and their owners.

Most pee pads on the market leave a wet mess behind, but each of WizSmart’s All Day Dry dog pads works every time and overtime up to 24 hrs. Every pet owner has experienced the agony of picking up a pad after just a few hours, only to find the pee has seeped through to the floor. Thanks to a leak-proof design using upcycled materials from deconstructed, unused diapers from leading global manufacturers, pet lovers can keep pets’ paws dry and avoid a dirty home using one (yes only one!) of WizSmart’s premium pads. That means the days of wasting five layers of pads are over! Unlike most training pads’ unpleasant aromas, WizSmart’s pads quickly absorb liquids to trap and eliminate odor – so your pet can pee cleanly and discretely anywhere in the home.


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