Traveling solo? Avoid these items when packing your suitcase

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Gentlemen if you are planning a solo adventure anytime soon, then now is the time to start thinking about what you are going to pack. In this article, we are going to share some items that we believe no male solo traveler should ever put in their suitcase. If you’d be interested to learn more, read on.

1.   Expensive hobby equipment

The only time that you should be packing expensive hobby equipment is if you use itto make money. If you want to bring a guitar, or your $10,000 camera and tripod just for fun, then you are making a mistake. The fact is, lugging around expensive gear makes you a target and you will never be able to fully relax. Yes, if you are a photographer by trade and wish to travel and work then it’s unavoidable. However, if you just want to take some photos to remember your travels by, your smart phone camera will be more than sufficient.

2.   High-end brands and jewelery

If you like wearing jewelery, wait until you are abroad and buy some when you are there. We’re talking about string pendants and hemp cords and other articles that won’t make you a target for would-be thieves.

The same applies with high-end brands. If you wear designer clothing, you are broadcasting your wealth to the world. You are travelling to see the world and experience new things! Leave the fancy threads at home for when you’re hitting the nightclubs.

3.   Anything you couldn’t bear to lose

As comforting as it might be having sentimental items with you, if you cannot bear to lose them then you are putting yourself at risk. Leave any special items at home. Yes, the chances of you losing it might be considerably low, but you will feel much more relaxed without it.

4.   Your collection of sex toys

It might sound silly, but perhaps consider leaving your sex toys at home. Sex toys are illegal in a number of countries and if you turn up with male masturbators in your suitcase then you could end up getting into a lot of trouble – not to mention the embarrassment of being caught. Keep it old school and take care of yourself the old fashioned way to be on the safe side.

5.   Money-belt

While buying a money-belt might seem like a good idea, it’s just another one of those items which make you look incredibly green. Not only will many people be able to notice your money-belt through your clothing, but whenever you need to get money out you’ll be lifting up your shirt and revealing it for all the world to see. When it comes to travel, perception is everything.

6.   Extra shoes

It may be tempting to pack extra shoes but you have to ask yourself, how many pairs do you really need? Particularly if you have big feet, packing too many pairs of shoes is an effective way of over-packing your luggage and busting your zips. As long as you have a quality pair of shoes to wear, including a pair of sandals for the beach, you should be fine. Of course, it all depends on where you are going and what your itinerary is. In any case, you will likely be able to buy footwear wherever you go, as and when you need it.

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