3 of the Best US Locations for a Jet Surfing Vacation

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Do you love to jet surf but you don’t know where to go?  Maybe you are looking to get into the sport but have no clue what states have the best opportunities?  If so, then you have come to the right place!  Today, we are going to learn about five of the best locations for jet surfing in the lower 48 states.–When you can travel, you usually want to go to places that will provide you with the most precious memories that you will remember for years to come. When it comes to picking destinations that will help entertain you and practice your favorite hobbies, it’s recommended to check out places that are known for providing unique opportunities just for this particular interest, for surfing you will want to look for the best surf destinations that will allow you to explore and get to know your passions better. As you’re planning a vacation you may also want to sharpen your surfing skills apart from having lots of fun, that’s why it can be a good idea to look for places that not only have good views but good instructors too.

Hawaii: Warm and Sunny Year Round

You’re probably not surprised to see Hawaii at the top of this list, as it’s incredibly popular with surfers too.  Hawaii is warm and sunny all year round, and also has consistent surf conditions.  The North Shore of Kauai is probably the best place to visit if you’re traveling between winter and spring, and is also ideal for beginners.  Those traveling during the summer and fall may want to head to Wakiki.  Although Wakiki is more touristy, it’s the perfect place to learn how to jet surf.  Finally, another great option is Launiupoko State Wayside Park where the conditions are ideal for all ages, and there are plenty of instructors.

Florida: The Land of Many Lakes

Florida has so many different places to jetsurf making it hard to narrow down just one location.  But the two lakes on our list are great places to start.  One of the largest lakes in the entire country is Lake Okeechobee.  It can be found in the Southern part of the state.  Okeechobee is 28 miles wide and covers an area of 730 square miles.  While some parts of the lake are not suitable for jet surfing, other open areas are perfect for the sport.  For more information on the lake, check out this link.  Another lake that is famous in this part of the country is Lake Seminole.  The lake is located on the Florida/Georgia border and is a great place to have some serious fun.  Each summer, thousands of people flock to this body of water to boat and jet surf.

Minnesota: A Great Northern Destination

One of the best places in the entire country for jet surfing has to be Minnesota.  With tons of freshwater lakes in the state, you simply can’t go wrong.  Two lakes that offer amazing jet surfing action are Leech Lake and Red Lake.  Both bodies of water contain thousands of acres of water for you to enjoy.  For more information on these lakes and all of the large bodies of water in the area, please visit this website.

All of these locations are great places to learn how to jet surf.  No matter if you are a professional jet surfer or someone just starting out, these lakes will give you the room you need.  Remember when out on the open water to watch out for others, and always follow any rules that are posted.  This will allow you to stay safe and enjoy yourself at the same time.

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