Affordable Hotel vs Expensive Resort in Hobart, What to Choose?

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When planning a holiday trip to Hobart, you have a choice between budget traveling or lounging in an expensive resort. Depending on your budget and personal preference, both options are great.Still, it is important to make sure your trip is as feasible as possible to avoid possible hiccups along the way. Therefore, it’s worth considering taking a look at the difference between choosing to stay at an affordable hotel as opposed to an expensive resort.

No matter how you decide to travel, Hobart is a city that has much to offer its visitors. Learn more about the wonders of Hobart and its history here:

While hotels offer accommodation and lodging, resorts offer more options when it comes to entertainment, facilities, and privacy. To help you make the decision between choosing between the two properties, here are a few things to keep in mind:


If it’s a presidential, executive or luxury suite you are after, planning to stay at a resort is sure to offer you this, with added entertainment and more. Although some hotels do offer premium suites, if indulgent luxury is what you crave, it would better to book at a resort.

The added facilities can range from a private jacuzzi, in-house sauna, private fireplace, and spa treatments to impeccable room service and cleaning services. This is sure to add luxury to any hotel stay. Chances are it is included in your price when staying at a resort.

The Difference

At the end of the day, both properties provide their guests with quality accommodation and basic amenities. The difference is that resorts will most definitely go the extra mile to ensure their guest’s comfort and satisfaction. This property usually has a lot of extra included in the price.

These extras come in the form of added recreational activities, more space for lounging and socializing, extra complimentary add-ons and added facilities. Hotels are more likely to be located in the city center, compared to resorts that might be a bit more secluded and private.

Depending on whether you want to have all the added extras or not, you’ll know whether you want to spend a bit more on accommodation or not. Read this comparison article to understand the difference between a hotel and resort much better.

Meals Included

Hotels will usually have one complimentary meal, usually breakfast included. While resorts might have an all-inclusive breakfast, lunch, and dinner option. It’s worth doing some research on the hotel you’d like to stay in, to make sure whether they have any meal options available. If not, you are going to have to dine out throughout the day.

Some hotels and resorts even have restaurants on the facility that creates delicious dishes. Some budget hotels even offer their guests discounts on certain meals.

Transport and Shuttle Services

If you plan on using the hotel mainly for lodging and breakfast. Then you will benefit from a property that offers transportation and shuttle services. Resorts do take more care in the transportation of their guests and might even provide free shuttle services.

If sight-seeing is your aim, you will hardly spend your days at the hotel, so paying for an affordable hotel would make more sense. Even if they don’t provide a free shuttle service, you can take the city on by foot or arrange a taxi.


Families who travel with children might need the accommodation to offer facilities suited for families. Whether it’s a recreational room with toys, pool tables, or electronic games or a kiddies’ pool, it’s worth considering the different facilities the property has to offer.

Resorts usually have a spa, spacious pool and bar area, as well as a variation of entertainment options for children. If you don’t want to explore on certain days, and rather want to enjoy the accommodation you booked, then booking with a resort is worth it.

While hotels focus more on the necessities of board and lodging requirements, resorts offer that added luxury and entertainment. Some hotels, like the Wrest Point hotel, do offer guests the best of both worlds. Like some other hotel options, you can enjoy an indoor pool with a great view over the ocean, without paying excessive prices.  

Self-catering Accommodation

Alternatively, guests can choose other affordable stay option in the form of a self-catering hotel. You’ll be able to enjoy the quiet of your own space while cooking meals at times you’d like.

Sure, hotels and resorts make mealtime much easier, but if you enjoy cooking and would like to try using some of the local ingredients to cook – then self-catering accommodation is the perfect choice. Buying fresh produce from the nearby markets will also be much easier on your budget.

Privacy and Seclusion

When visiting a popular tourist destination, you are bound to pay a bit more for privacy and seclusion. Resorts are known to offer this to their guests. They offer private rooms with their own fitted sauna, jacuzzi and even a private pool.

What’s even greater is that most resorts are situated far away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. This means that you can relax throughout the day and night, without being disturbed by the sounds from the outside world.

Booking with a hotel, doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have any privacy. Because Hobart is such a tranquil city within itself, most accommodation types offer some kind of privacy and seclusion. This is why many Australians escape to the island, mainly to enjoy the peace and quiet of what the city has to offer – whether it’s in the luxury of a resort or in the comfort of a hotel.

Sometimes it’s worth spending a little bit more on a luxurious resort stay. But, if you want to pay a little bit less without compromising comfort and basic necessities, then Hobart will definitely have a great selection of hotels available for you to choose from.

Either, or, Hobart is a great destination to relax while enjoying activities.


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