Best Cars for Road Trips

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It’s important to do a number of things to prepare for a road trip before you actually set out on your road trip. While spontaneity is fun for lots of areas of life, taking a spontaneous road can mean a lot of wasted time and money. Doing a little pre-planning can help you enjoy your road trip that much more. And the first place to start is to look at the vehicle you intend to drive over the course of your road trip. Don’t think you need to limit yourself to whatever vehicle is parked in your driveway – you could always rent a car or van if you needed to. Let’s look at the best cars for long road trips.

The Sedan

Practical and fuel efficient, your typical sedan style car is more than enough to get you from point A to point B on your travels. You’ll want to consider how many people are going to be getting in and out of your car on a regular basis during your road trip. For example, if your sedan has two doors, you might not want to put two 6 foot tall men in the back seat. However, if your passengers are children, a two door sedan might do just fine. Four door vehicles are typically better for longer drives because it is easier for people to get in and out of the car without having to disrupt the people in front of them. As well, four door cars have more room, usually in the backseat as well as the trunk space – which is important when travelling long distances to carry all your stuff!



It seems that everyone has a sport utility vehicle these days. It is the vehicle of choice for families these days. They are safe and sturdy and provide lots of storage space and the visibility of these vehicles is great because you are up so high off the ground. Depending on the model you opt for, your fuel consumption might be iffy while driving through towns and cities, but these kinds of vehicles are usually pretty good on the highway. Many of these vehicles come with upgrades for the kids like DVD players as well.


The Minivan

Ah, the minivan. It’s still a thing you know. I know, I was surprised too. People who own minivans swear by them. They have unsurpassed storage, or so I’m told. While they aren’t the nicest vehicles to look at, they are usually kitted out in such a way that anyone who owns one, loves it. They are not always great when it comes to fuel consumption but the comfort and accessibility you get from travelling across the country in one of these things is worth it.


The Sports Car

Don’t pretend like you’ve never dreamed of hoping into a Camaro 5 and driving along the open road with the music blasting in your ears. You’ve thought of it. And for the right kind of road tripper, a sports car is the right option. Mind your audience and your terrain and you’ll have a great time touring the countryside in your favorite sportscar. Fuel consumption aside, the way it feels to climb into a sexy sportscar can change your whole outlook on life. So don’t rule it out if it’s just you and a sidekick on the road.

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