Top Ways to Qualify for Free Medical Services

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Most people don’t choose to go without medical coverage, but when you have to make a choice between paying the rent and paying health insurance premiums, it’s pretty obvious what the majority would do. Whether you’re looking for ways to get an annual check-up or have been experiencing some persistent symptoms of an unknown illness, there are options for people who lack healthcare coverage. 

Find free STD testing locations so that you can learn what type of follow-up care you will need, and have prescriptions written and referrals given, if necessary. Many cannot afford to outright pay for medical care services out of pocket, but minor medical issues can become serious if they are not attended to right away. Here are some of the most effective ways that you can go about obtaining healthcare services for free if you are not able to afford doctors’ visits on your own.

Free Medical Care Options Based on Income

Just found out that your work hours have been reduced and you have to drop your medical insurance? Never fear, as there are numerous healthcare agencies that are dedicated to servicing low-income clients. You can visit a low-cost medical care facility if you are in need of any type of medical intervention. Instead of making a trip to the emergency room and being left with an exorbitant bill you can make an appointment or locate a walk-in medical service facility that will match you with a general physician or a specialist.

No Cost Healthcare Options for Children and Families

Children needn’t suffer just because their parents aren’t able to afford to keep them insured. Not only can children qualify for Medicare, but there are state sponsored medical insurance companies that charge very low premiums to families with children under 19 years of age. Your child can keep going to his or her pediatrician, get dental examinations, go to the ophthalmologist or even get fitted for braces at no charge to you. Of course, parents are responsible for filling out all necessary applications and submitting proof of income in order to have their children qualified for low or no cost medical insurance.

Senior Citizen Healthcare Insurance and Services

Since older people are more prone to having chronic illnesses, sometimes affording healthcare coverage can be quite difficult. Whether you are retired or don’t have the ability to pay for healthcare insurance via the open marketplace, you still have several options. One is Medicaid, which is open to all senior citizens in the U.S. who are 65 years old or above and are not able to afford the full purchase cost of medical insurance. Other senior citizens choose to utilize local healthcare clinics that service nearby residents.

You don’t need to feel like you don’t have options if you aren’t able to obtain traditional healthcare insurance for yourself or your family. Just look for services in your community that are tailored to families, children, seniors, or low-income clients. By keeping yourself healthy, you will get a little bit closer to getting a comprehensive medical insurance plan that you will be able to afford and maintain for the benefit of you and your relatives for the foreseeable future.

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  1. Good things to know. I’m lucky and have insurance but so many people (and perhaps sooner) don’t.

  2. Susan Smith says:

    Thanks for the information. I will pass this on to a friend.

  3. Danielle Williams says:

    love this article so helpful! thank you!!

  4. Thanks for your article! I’m so tired of hearing about “no options”. My son hasn’t had insurance since he became an adult. He has broken his jaw and discovered he has serious lung and stomach issues. He has had multiple surgeries and received excellent care through a medical school. Yes, he lives in a big city, but they will provide free care to almost anyone that can get there. The medical students provide the care with a doctor watching and consulting with them. Our foreign exchange student had a serious dental issue his first year here that his insurance didn’t cover. I took him to our county health clinic and the charges were very low for his treatment. We live in a very rural county. Almost all counties have a health clinic with payment determined on a sliding income sale. One other thing not mentioned is asking the provider for a discount if you pay cash. Often times the charge itself is much less if you don’t use insurance and many providers will give you a further discount if you ask. Most hospitals will give you a discount if you don’t have insurance, also, and they will set up a payment plan. There’s really no reason for anyone to not get care because they don’t have insurance.

  5. Adriane says:

    Great tips. Sadly I fall through the cracks. No kids and just a bit too young for senior services.

  6. Deborah D says:

    Thank you for posting this. I am sure it will help someone.

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