Travel Tips for Students: How to Save Your Scholarship

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The popularity of traveling is growing by leaps and bounds. Often, to save money, students go on a trip alone. Some may be scared at the very thought of it, and yet the number of single travelers is continually rising. Be sure to have your finances in order before traveling, especially alone.  

Such a tendency is due to way lower cost of the trip. Moreover, if you only need to be in charge of yourself, such a journey is much easier to plan. Below you will find many useful tips, but first things first.

As sometimes excellent opportunities for traveling occur during the terms, the most critical part is securing your academic performance. When going anywhere, remember you can always turn to essay helper and redirect some of your tasks to the professionals. This will give you the necessary free time for traveling and ensure you won’t get behind in the classroom.

Now, we can list our tips on how to save extra money during any journey.


Eat Local Food

Food is an essential part of any trip. See what the natives eat – explore the assortment of local market stalls. Perhaps you will find something that you like most at a low price. Do not stick to old eating habits because your traditional food can be rare, exotic, and rather expensive in a country of choice.


True, such thing is not suitable for everyone, but if you are looking for a free place where to live there is no better way. The growing popularity of CouchSurfing means that this method to save money on rent of apartments or hostel is much safer than might seem at first glance. Besides, nobody forces students to spend an entire vacation on someone else’s couch. Yet, it is worth a try. Such selection will save lots of money and bring new people to your life.

Learn Some Words in the Local Language

You do not need to learn complex sentences; even a few words can help. “Please,” “thank you,” “sorry,” “yes,” “no” – if you can pronounce it like a local, you’ll be able to save money bargaining at the market for souvenirs or food. Residents are always pleased when tourists speak their language. Do not miss such opportunities; they are worth the effort!


Take Advantage of Any Local Acquaintance

Try to find out as much “intelligence” as possible from every local person you met. This data is worth its weight in gold when you travel alone. If you get to know some safe back doors and district paths, you may find in this the additional ability to save money and tell your friends some fantastic stories after returning to college.

Trust Your Intuition

Really, trust your gut. If it seems that some lane looks suspicious, do not go there. And if a person you just met appears shady, you have nothing to do with one. If the bridge seems unreliable, do not walk on it. When you travel alone, you should not behave like a superhero. 

Such actions will not only help students save some expenses, but possibly health and, ultimately, life.


Pack Your Bag Wisely

It doesn’t matter for how long the journey may last – do not bring too many things with you. This seems like obvious advice, but it is especially useful for those who travel alone. The last thing you need is to carry around a huge suitcase or a large backpack. Try to stay as mobile as possible since you don’t know how the trip may turn out.

Do Not Disdain Free Excursions

Try to collect the info about any such opportunity before you leave college studying for a journey. If the funds are limited and you want to see local sightseeing attractions in the company of an expert, choose free excursions. 

There you will meet other travelers and get basic information about the place. An additional bonus is to take a break from having to organize something by yourself all the time.

If you do not like standard excursions, try an unusual approach. For example, sign up for a free master class in local cuisine, wine tasting, or even some yoga class in a foreign language. You will not only learn something new for free but also meet local people with similar interests.

Buy a Local SIM Card

If you are planning a long trip (for a week or more), then this will be a smart decision. Just be sure to tell your new number to those who need it. Also, if you plan to maintain active on social networks or try studying while traveling, these might not be possible without a local SIM card. It will save you lots of money – think of the tariffs for roaming service from your operator.

Make Copies of Documents

It may sound like boring advice, but important one. Take a picture or scan all of your documents (college ones too). E-mail them to yourself plus someone you trust. If something goes wrong, you will always have a backup and can prevent expenditures for document restoration.

Safety First

This is important since recovering from any protracted troubles often cost more money than the trip itself. Send messages home every time you move to a new place. You certainly must have at least one close person who is aware of all your movements and plans. If you are planning any activity alone, still, be sure to notify someone about this.

Take an E-book

There might be some free time for reading. Usually, the cheapest way to travel up-country is by bus or train. You should not spend extra money on air flights. Indeed, from the window of the train or bus, you will be able to see a lot of exciting things. 

And when you get tired from those – read a book. Note that usually electronic versions of books are cheaper and do not take up much space. So, the e-book is an irreplaceable thing for students who travel alone.


Wrapping Up

Hopefully, with the help of our tips, you will be able to both have a great journey and save some money. Following these suggestions, you won’t have to spend your full scholarship at once.

Secure your ground in college, delegate tasks smartly, when needed, and have the time of your life!

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