The Top 5 Reasons Cats Make The Ideal Pet

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Aspiring pet owners will inevitably face the common dilemma of figuring out which pet will suit their needs and lifestyle. Ask any pet owner which animal makes the best pet and they will probably list off several pros and cons before you can even finish asking the question. For most people, it usually boils down to cat vs. dog. The truth is that any pet can be fulfilling and enrich our lives with countless benefits. There may be many discussions regarding cats vs dogs. There may be many discussions regarding cats vs dogs. But cat owners know that there’s something extra special about owning a pet cat. Or are we really the ones owned by them? From endless cuddles and shared naps to the joy of seeing your kitten grow into adulthood, the experience of cat companionship and cohabitation is deeply rewarding and well worth the required efforts. 

To help you decide if a cat is a right fit for you, here are the top 5 reasons cats make the ideal pet and will greatly enhance your life:

1. Cats have nine lives and so do their owners

The cat’s natural agility and uncanny ability to land on its feet from heights several times greater than its own body size may be the origin of the famous saying that cats have nine lives. On average, cats can expect to live to 12-15 years of age with some living beyond 20 years! Were you aware, though, that this longevity may extend to the cat owners themselves? According to a study published by the National Institute of Health, the stress reduction associated with cat ownership may reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Who knew a prescription of purrs was actually preventative medicine!

2. Despite their reputation for being fussy, cats are actually pretty low maintenance

With all those extra years you’ll now have to spend with your feline companion, you’ll probably want to spend less of it cleaning up after your pet and more of it enjoying their company. That’s the great thing about cats, they are practically born potty-trained. Once you settle on the perfect litter, the rest is as easy as scoop and dispose. And with all the environmentally-friendly litter options out there, like Skoon Cat Litter, now Mother Earth can benefit from your choice of pet as well.

3. Cats rarely require obedience training

Training for cats is surprisingly simple despite not exactly being known for complying to their owners every whim, like, say, their canine cousins who will roll over, sit, shake and play dead on command. For cats, it’s usually about correcting bad behaviors before they get out of control like preventing cats from clawing furniture. Although, cats can certainly be trained to walk on a leash or do some pretty amazing tricks.

4.  All the kittens who independent, throw your paws up at me!

By definition, pets are pretty dependent on us owners, but cats will never let you know that. Most of their days are spent on grooming, napping, and overall self-care. We really can learn a lot from these majestic creatures. So, once you’ve taken care of their litter needs, all you really have to do is love on them and feed them. Your cat will probably make it known early on their preference for wet or dry food (or both), so clip those coupons and stock up. Be sure to supply plenty of clean water, as well. Cats and water don’t usually mix well, but this is the exception.

5.  Cats keep us safe

You may have heard of the benefits of a watchdog, but what about the watch cat? They may not make loud noises to get our attention that an intruder or other danger lurks, but after living with a cat, you will begin to develop your own language and your cat can give you non-verbal cues and warnings to potential threats. Not only that, but cats are great at ridding homes of rodents and other pests. If only they could just send us a text message that they’ve caught something instead of dropping it off in front of us. Eeek!

Finding the perfect animal companion for you and your family can be daunting, but once you’ve made the connection, it is one of the most fulfilling experiences in life. The benefits and joy from pet ownership are worth all the efforts and expenses that come along with it. Whichever pet you choose, may you have a long and rewarding life with your new best friend. Meow!

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  1. Lissa Crane says

    I love this info! Cats always get a bad rep, but my two kitties are the best friends I could ever ask for! They even let my kids dress them up and take videos of them! They are a big part of our family!

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