What To Look For When Buying Furniture

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Furniture is an investment that you need to think long and hard about before purchasing. You do not want to make the mistake of investing in an item that will not last a long time or will show marks instantly if you have pets or children. The following guide walks you through a few tips to use to ensure you choose the right furniture for your family’s home.

Choose Furniture with Wooden Frames

If you want the furniture you buy to last as long as possible, it is best to invest in pieces that have wooden frames. Furniture with wooden frames are often very durable and put together in a way that makes it difficult for the pieces to come apart. When you shop at a furniture store, like Henkel Harris Furniture, you can read the details of each piece of furniture on the guide sheet that is posted on or near the furniture. This allows you to learn if the pieces are made with a wooden frame or not.

Choose Furniture that Has Removeable Slipcovers

When you live in a house with children and pets, there is strong possibility that the furniture will become dirty at one point or another. No matter how much you tell children or train your dogs, there will always be someone that climbs onto the furniture and leaves a mark on it. Having removable slipcovers on the cushions of your furniture will make cleaning them easy. Be sure to avoid putting the covers in the dryer though. You don’t want to risk them shrinking from the heat.

Choose the Right Colors for Your Furniture

White and beige furniture create a very bold, modern look, but are the absolute worst colors to have in a house with children and pets. Lighter colors will show every mark that the kids and pets make and cause you to constantly clean the pieces if you want them to continue to look great. It is best to choose darker colors that do not show wear and tear as much. You can use throw pillows to add color or print to the sofas to give them more character.

Use Furniture Protectors

Furniture protectors allow you to protect the furniture from wear and tear. The protectors can be placed directly over the furniture to protect them. When guests come to visit, you can take the covers off and no one will ever know that you had them in place. It can help to make the furniture last as long as possible and keep you from having to constantly clean it because the children or pets made a mess of it.

It is best to go to the furniture store and let the associate know what you are looking for when it comes to furniture pieces. They may be able to show you pieces that have stain-resistant fabric on them that are designed for households with kids and pets. This can help you to not have to clean the furniture as much and ensure that it always looks as great as it possibly can.

Furniture with stain-resistant fabric on it often costs more than other fabrics, but it is worth the investment if it keeps you from having to spend a ton of time keeping the furniture looking as great as you possibly can. The fabric will still be available in a variety of colors and have the same texture as other non-stain resistant fabrics.

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